4 Gaming Applications Predicated On Fascinating Big Data Technology

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Big data is changing the future of gaming. Dataiku?s Pierre Gutierrez presented a compelling analysis of the role of data analytics in gaming in his piece A Flood Of Gaming Analytics Data With No End In Sight.

Some of the ways that data analytics has changed the gaming industry are not noticeable to the average gamer. They don?t directly see the impact, but data is changing the gaming experience in many ways. This is because the software they are using is highly dependent on data technology.

Software Relies More Heavily on Big Data than Ever

Whether you?ve built your own pc or bought it, you know that gaming life is easier with certain software. Of course, not all of them are requirements for actual gaming, yet simply having them will make everything much better. Furthermore, if you want to bet on Dota 2 teams, you need to be better at these games yourself, so why not use this as an opportunity to boost your chances?

On SmartData Collective, we discussed the ways that big data is changing the gaming industry in an article in October. Diana pointed out that the industry is creating 50 terabytes of data every day. This makes it easier for the industry to capitalize off this data to offer a higher quality experience to their patrons.

If you want to have a better life as a gamer, here are some programs that use big data to offer a better gaming experience:

  1. TeamSpeak

Unless you?re the only gamer in your friend group, you most likely have people you play games with on the regular. If you?re playing games where you all must be a team, such as CS: GO or Dota 2, then you know how important communication is. You need to know when to attack the enemies, where the enemies are hiding, and so on. But you can also use it to vent your frustration or cheer when you bet in Dota 2 or other games.

So why not settle for TeamSpeak? Sure, it is not the only communication program, but this is one of the best. Not only it?s quick and easy to use, but it also allows you to use encryption and reduce the echo. Big data has made its encryption algorithms very effective. Pretty cool, isn?t it?

  1. Steam

Steam has been a pioneer in big data before the term was even a household phrase. As VentureBeat points out, their data strategy has evolved over the years. They evolved after big data privacy concerns were raised:

?But by acting like it isn?t the keeper of its data, Valve has abdicated its responsibility to secure and protect that information. And as Facebook, Amazon, and Google have built some of the most lucrative businesses in the history of the world by mining ‘the new oil’ of big data, Steam?s privacy policy didn?t make any sense.?

Particularly if you?re a hardcore gamer, Steam should exist on your PC for sure. It is not only a gaming marketplace but also a platform. Valve developed this program to help people look for free games or find them at decent prices. As such, you can spoil yourself with games such as Dota 2, after which you?ll gain experience and be ready to engage in Dota 2 bets as well.

OBS Studio

OBS is another leader in big data for gaming. Would you like to record or stream your gameplay and gain a loyal audience? OBS Studio can allow you to do that very easily. As long as you have a good, stable PC and a good internet connection, this program should be working without issues. It gives you the option to do HD streaming, but also add your webcam footage if you want to get more professional content. It?s very customizable and you?ll have a great time with it, for sure.

MSI Afterburner

In case you want your graphics card to show what it can do, MSI Afterburner is the program that could help you achieve that. It unlocks the potential of the GPU and improves your usual gaming performance, making it more fun. But still, make sure you have a cooling unit in place, as you don?t want to overheat the component.

So, there you have it, some extra tools that could significantly make gaming a little more engaging. Hopefully, you?ll be able to achieve what you desire with them.

Data-Driven Software Transforms the Software Industry

The gaming industry is being transformed by big data even more every day. Gamers should be aware of the implications of big data for their hobby and look to the most sophisticated software applications. This is a good list to get started with!

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