10 Spectacular Big Data Sources to Streamline Decision-making

These 10 big data sources can be excellent for developing data analytics research projects.

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The market for big data is surging. It is expected to be worth $274 billion within the next two years.

The increasing demand for big data is not surprising. We are living at a time when there is heavy reliance on big data, which often comes from online information. Due to the benefits online data provides, you should strive even more to find or share factual information. This is because we are always encountering sites with misleading or outright false information about something, and the only way to discourage the practice is by using reliable data sources especially for those with blogs or websites. Using data sources also enables you to deal with updated information because site visitors have always been turned off by websites with outdated information.

Data sources play a very important role in making sure content creators and marketers, scholars and students have access to statistical and factual information. You can find all sorts of information from data sources, ranging from finance and economics, drugs, content marketing, health, government, education and entertainment. Forbes has an article on over 30 different sources for big data.

However, there are data sources in some regions like China you cannot access due geo restrictions, unless you deploy a VPN service in order to hide your IP and identity. When picking a VPN, do not downplay the role of VPN sites in helping you choose a reliable service. This is because not all VPNs meet user expectations, and a look at these peerblock alternatives could get you started with other options than VPNs. Some of the data sources you are currently missing out on include:

Open Corporates

This data source has data of over 100 million global companies and it is fair to say that it is the largest corporate database that ever existed. You can conduct your search by company’s name or officials. Also, the companies featured are from different jurisdictions around the world.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

For any data you need covering health topics, you will readily find it here. Talk of data on breastfeeding, environmental health, alcohol use, Genomics, immunization, life expectancy, oral health, physical activity, death and mortality, etc. 

US Census Bureau

You can access statistical information about the US population, economy as well as geography on this data source platform. 

Google Dataset Search

This one serves as a onestop dataset and you just need to conduct a search depending on the kind of data you are looking for. You can even find out when a certain dataset was lastly updated, or go through the description for a quick grasp of what the dataset is all about. Researchers can find all sorts of data be it about organizations like Nasa, among other institutions, and the information is available freely.


Should you find yourself in need of factual and statistical data concerning the United Nations, this data source is all you need to access. You can view it as the official database for the United Nations, in case you don’t want to deal with untrusted data sources that could be misleading.


You can tell from the name of this data source that you can rely on it for global statistical information. Its statistical information cuts across 170 industries in over 150 countries. It provides statistics on different areas: finance, technology, food, software, cybersecurity, covid19 pandemic, entertainment, etc. Statistics on the US November 2020 presidential elections voter turnout in various states are already up on the platform.


Another data source with ranging topics on health. Get access to data on mental health, substance use, medical devices and any other health related data you can think of. The content you can find on this data source comes in the form of blogs, datasets and resources, and all you need to do is click on the topic you are interested in.


Sounds familiar? No? This data source is engineered for SEO related information. If you are a digital marketing consultant for instance, you can find insights on everything to do with SEO. SEO is dynamic and you can rely on Moz for the latest SEO trends, and if you are a SEO content creator, this data source will also come in handy.

Google Trends

Google Trends has been a great source of big data for many years. It keeps very details records on search history volume for various search queries. This is great for monitoring online searches, which can be used to extrapolate greater trends.

r/DataisBeautiful Subreddit on Reddit

Reddit has a subreddit called r/dataisbeautiful. This subreddit has lots of graphs that encapsulate large sets of data. You can use the search bar to find data graphs relevant to your inquiry.

Use the Right Sources to Find Information

There are a lot of great sources for big data. You can use these sources to create more comprehensive business models and make more informed decisions. Use them to your full advantage!

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