Will Data Analytics Help Mercedes Meet 2030 Carbon Reduction Targets?

Big data technology is helping companies like Mercedes live up to their pledge to lower their carbon footprints in the coming years.

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The automotive industry has been far more reliant on big data than most other sectors in recent years. A growing number of major automobile manufacturers have started using data analytics and AI to improve production.

There have been a number of clear advantages of using big data to manufacture automobiles. Automotive companies have found that data technology can help them produce vehicles more quickly, reduce production costs and ensure greater safety standards.

However, there is a possible benefit of new developments in data technology that doesn’t get as much attention. Car companies could start using big data to improve energy efficiency and lower their carbon footprints.

Mercedes is one of the companies that has pledged to start making radical changes to lower its carbon footprint. Big data technology could be very useful for reaching its ambitious goal.

Big Data Technology Could Help Mercedes Achieve its Environmental Targets Over the Next Decade

The electric car revolution is accelerating with more and more motorists starting to make the switch and manufacturers shifting their focus to EVs. Mercedes is one of the latest brands to make a pledge with the luxury car manufacturer planning to make their fleet 50% electric by 2030. The German manufacturer has always been a pioneer when it comes to technology and engineering, so it is exciting to see what they have up their sleeve. They might rely more on data technology as they strive to make radical changes, including lowering their carbon footprint.

EV Sales Soaring

It has already been established the big data can help save the planet. One reason is that it can help with the production of electric vehicles. As Foundry4 reports, big data is helping fuel the EV revolution.

New EV sales in Europe exceeded 100,000 for the first time in the first quarter of the year and with many countries planning bans on the sale of petrol and diesel, it is clear that now is the time to make the switch. There are now many superb electric vehicles available in different categories, but those looking for luxury and the most advanced tech will be paying close attention to what Mercedes will bring to the table and they have been working on some mind-blowing luxury vehicles.

Mercedes Bringing Groundbreaking Tech with Big Data Advances

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is a good example of this as one of the most impressive (and stylish) vehicles set for release in 2021. With an impressive range of 479 miles, the EQS boasts the lowest drag of any production car ever made along with a breathtaking door-to-door glass dash. It also features doors that open and close automatically, augmented reality navigation, an air purification system and an impressive lighting system that works with the car’s seat settings to provide the best level of comfort. None of these features would be possible if the company hadn’t relied heavily on new advances in data technology to improve its designs.

A Hefty Price Tag

The EQS is Mercedes’ flagship EV and a clear sign of things to come from the manufacturer. Of course, any Mercedes will come with a hefty price tag especially when it comes with such impressive and pioneering technology. This is one problem that big data didn’t solve. This will price many out and could see the German brand struggle in the EV market when there are now many more affordable models available. For those that do buy the EQS or any other Mercedes vehicle, you will want to take out Mercedes GAP insurance as a way to protect your investment – this could end up saving you thousands of pounds in the event of a write off.

How Will Mercedes Fair?

It will be interesting to see how Mercedes fair in the EV market and it is hard to predict what their future position in the car market will be. Mercedes will always have their admirers and they are sure to bring some of the most incredible technology and style to the market, but it could also be challenging to compete when there are more affordable options available.

It is excellent to see Mercedes committing to EV development and they are sure to have huge influence with their range. You can expect class, sophistication, comfort and impressive tech with their range as the EV race gathers pace.

Big Data is Helping Solve Environmental Challenges Facing Many Automotive Companies

Automotive companies are striving to meet the demands of customers concerned about the environment. They have discovered that wondrous advances in big data and AI can help them achieve these goals.

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