Where to Go to Learn About Network Security

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The one thought on seemingly every business’s mind is network security. This is understandable given the damaging attacks launched on companies like Home Depot, Target, and Sony in the past year-and-a-half or so.

The one thought on seemingly every business’s mind is network security. This is understandable given the damaging attacks launched on companies like Home Depot, Target, and Sony in the past year-and-a-half or so. After seeing the effects of data breaches involving large corporations, businesses are taking their security more seriously now than ever before, and many are quickly realizing it’s far from an easy task. The number of cyber threats out there seem to multiply every day, and with them the different methods and techniques they can use to breach a company’s security measures and obtain sensitive data from within. In this ever-evolving environment, it’s important that all business executives and IT security personnel stay up to date on the latest security information and learn all they can as they train to combat these threats. The question then becomes where you should go for the best in network security information and training. Luckily, the resources available are many. 

When looking at materials and sources that can provide the most helpful information in improving network security, many companies will take cost into account. Some resources do have a cost associated with them, while others are perfectly free. Determining which to use will largely come down to what your company’s budget is for security purposes. Don’t let the price tag affect your opinion on the quality of the source. There are plenty of helpful security resources on the internet that are available at no cost. 

Take blogs dedicated to the topic of network security, for instance. Blogs are an excellent way to find out what the latest news on the security front is. Of course cyber attacks hitting mega businesses like Target or JPMorgan Chase will almost always be front page news, but what about smaller breaches affecting lesser known companies? That’s where network security blogs come in. With blogs as a frequent resource, you can find out what kind of new threats are out there, how they’re impacting companies, and what’s being done to stop them. Network security blogs can also help you learn about new industry trends you’ll probably want to try for your company. Blogs can also give overviews of new security products and software. Some blogs are maintained by experts in the network security field, like Schneier on Security, and others come from organizations and institutes that dedicate themselves to improving network security for all organizations (the SANS Security Blogs are good examples of this type). Companies in the security field can have their own blogs as well, and though they can provide helpful information, keep in mind they’re also aimed at pushing their products.

Another free resource that shouldn’t be overlooked is YouTube. It’s one thing to read about new effective security procedures; it’s another thing to see it in action via an easy-to-follow video. The number of YouTube videos dedicated to network security is vast, but choosing which ones to view is similar to choosing which blogs to follow. Most prominent are those from security companies with a lot to gain from the more eyes they attract. While it’s often assumed that security companies focus only on videos promoting their products, many do offer educational videos that can help you learn more about network security and what’s being done to improve it. Some YouTube channels you’ll want to keep an eye on include the free video tutorials offered by CBT Nuggets and the useful videos from McAfee, which is now part of Intel Security. One word of caution: always check the upload date of the video. A video from five years ago may not have the updated information needed to fight today’s security threats.

Beyond the free sources, there are also learning opportunities you can pay for. Many educational institutions have online courses you can take that will give you the skills and knowledge that will help you know what to do for you company’s network security. Gaining these certifications does require extra work, some or most of it likely to be done outside the office, but it can all be worth it in the end. If the goal is to prevent security breaches, combining courses with blogs and online videos can make that goal far more achievable. Look at all of these resources as tools you can add to your arsenal of knowledge and expertise. You and your company will be much better off because of your dedication to learning all you can.

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