How To Use Social Media Analytics To Increase Your Business Success

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Marketing has changed immensely in the digital age, with more stress on improving the reach that a company has. Increasing this reach can lead to sales, brand recognition, and overall consumer trust of a small or large company. Social media is the best tool to promote any type of content or engage with customers effectively. This has given rise to social media analytics so marketers can see exactly how content is going over with their community of followers. The marketing industry has now optimized analytics and social media data into usable instruction of how to proceed in the future. The following tips include how to use social media analytics and make use of the data to become more efficient.

Clearly Define Goals

Every company’s social media team might have a different goal for the accounts. For some, customer service is paramount and saving customer relationships is the tangible goal that management has set for the team. For others, establishing a name in a niche or industry is paramount, as it helps legitimize a business that might be new or has rebranded. The data that is gathered can be used to clearly define a goal and a strategy to reach this goal. Lack of understanding of what the main priority of a social media campaign is can lead to waste in spending and an overall lack of results due to having no defined goals.

Optimize Content Strategy

Generic content simply does not work

like it used to, as the marketing world and social media world have been saturated with millions of clickbait type content. For social media, there are a limited amount of characters that can be used in the case of Twitter, so maximizing the draw of these characters is important. Being able to see what type of content resounds best with followers is also important. The other factor of being able to see how many leads were attained through content gives a better idea of how to increase sales, set appointments, and dive into the sales process in a smooth way with a potential customer. Average content does not have any place in the social media world, and social media data can help a social media team continually post engaging content. Social media content experts understand that being concise, clear, and thought-provoking in a post will yield the best results.

Find Influencers That Convert

The world of influencer marketing has erupted over the last year with no signs of slowing down. Finding the right influencer to partner with a brand can be extremely difficult. The trick to finding the right influencer is finding an influencer who has built a sense of community with their followers. These influencers value their followers and only promote trustworthy products or brands. An influencer that seems to promote less than quality brands is not the type of influencer that a company wants their brand associated with. Find a platform that has social media stats for a particular influencer so it can be determined whether the engagement the influencer receives is worth the money that would be paid for a post.

Posting At The Best Time Possible

Far too many companies

do not utilize their social media data to the best of their ability. Something as simple as posting content on social media during a specific time can increase the reach the post has. If a company finds that their posts get the most traffic and engagement in the morning, then they need to publish a post every morning. If they find they have an international community of followers, posting at a time that these followers engage can be important. Setting up scheduled posts will allow a company to take full advantage of posting at the same time every day. Followers that wait for each and every post will look forward to this time of day whether they are reading a tweet with their morning cup of coffee or engaging with a Facebook post around lunch time. Saving posts for high traffic days when the post is of the highest quality can yield great results as well.

Do not go with a gut feeling when it comes to social media strategy, but rather utilize and translate the data into an actionable plan. Social media data can help take the next social media campaign a company runs to the next level!

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