Twitter Words Association Analysis

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Recently I came across Twitter Spectrum tool from Jeff Clerk. This tool is modified version of News Spectrum tool.

Here you can enter two topics and then analyse the associated words based on twitter data. Blue and Red color represents the associated words of those two topics whereas Purple represents the common words.

You can click on any word to see the related tweets. The visualization is really awesome and you can easily analyze the data.

For example, I have taken “icici” and “hdfc” as two topics. Below is the twitter spectrum based on these two topics:
If you analyze the associated words, you will find that “Security”, “Insurance” words are associated more with ICICI bank whereas “digital”is associated with HDFC bank.
But words like “online banking”, “mobile banking” are still missing. This type of visualization will help the brand to plan their startegy of type of tweets to be posted on twitter.

Do you have any other similar tool to share? Please tell us about your tool via comments.

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