Surprising Big Data Advances Unveil Opportunities With Remote Work

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Big data is changing the way that we live and work. There are a number of ways that big data technology has made the workforce more efficient and fragmented. A growing number of people are turning to remote work to make a living, which is making it easier for companies to reach a larger workplace around the globe.

Big Data Creates Surprising Opportunities in the Remote Workforce

Ian Giles wrote a great article on the intersection of big data and remote work in a Medium post. He pointed out that the remote workforce increased by 115% between 2005 and 2015. He also showed that big data is bringing surprising benefits to the industry.

Big data is changing the industry in a lot of ways. It has created a lot of new tools that make remote work more practical and efficient. However, the biggest benefit is that big data is making it easier to realize the benefits of remote employees. Companies have an easier time justifying the use of these workers, because new analytics technology helps them assess the ROI.

They are also using tools like Workforce Pro, which rely extensively on big data. These applications use sophisticated analytics to increase productivity of remote workers by 50%, while simultaneously cutting costs by 50%.

Inside Big Data also talked about some of the benefits. They showed that big data is making employee training easier these days.

The working process is effective when an employee feels comfortable enough to be able to fulfill different tasks. Many people prefer to do it from home just because they don’t like when someone disturbs them or simply doesn’t want to waste their time on transport. Modern companies take it into account and offer flexible conditions to their employees, which is easier with big data tools. You can easily earn money from home and adjust your working hours according to the most comfortable schedule, largely due to new analytics technology. If you always dreamt to fulfill tasks in the coziest place ever but still have doubts, read this article. It contains the advantages of spending your working hours at home. You won’t even come back to the office after reading! The only way you would like to do is to visit this website and to choose the perfect tools for working at home.

10 Advantages of Using Big Data Working from Home

Some people think that productivity is lower when you’re working at home. But that’s not really true because your effectiveness depends on the surrounding environment and the sphere, you’re engaged in. Big data analytics has shown this. Here are the main advantages of working and earning money from home:

1. Working schedule

You don’t have to wake up early and spend time on transport to get to the office. You can sleep as much as you need and start working whenever you’re ready. Usually, freelance copywriting jobs from home only require to follow the set deadlines. Big data tools also make it easier to automate many of these tasks.

Of course, it depends on the condition of the company where you’re employed. Sometimes, people working remotely still have to follow a corporate schedule but that’s not a big deal if you’re fulfilling tasks in a comfortable environment.

2. Your office can be anywhere

When you start using data technology to work remotely you open many opportunities for choosing a location. The variants are endless:

  • working from home;
  • café;
  • co-working space;
  • resort;
  • any destination that is comfortable for you.

3. The designs of your working space

If you work at home, you can arrange your place according to your taste. Choose any decore elements, colors, put flowers on your table, surround yourself with the professional books, etc. You can choose a bedroom, kitchen or even a balcony to work at home. It’s important to feel comfortable when executing different tasks.

4. Money-saving

You’ll learn how to earn money online and you’ll definitely learn how to save it. Data analytics helps you cut costs as well. You won’t have to spend funds on transport when working at home and that it’s not the only sphere that won’t make your wallet thinner anymore. There’s no need to prepare something special for lunch or buy it, purchase clothes for office and ordinary life, etc.

5. Fewer interruptions

Your noisy colleagues won’t disturb you anymore and you’ll avoid so many unneeded meetings after you decide to find freelance work from home. Now, you’re sheltered by your house and no one will interrupt you. Relax and focus on your tasks when working.

6. Forget about stressful moments

Big data has certainly helped us reduce stress! Think of these distracting moments when you’re using public transport or face the envy of your co-workers. It seems like such situations don’t have regular influence but each person pays attention to them. For example, the office is far from home and you have to change three means of transport to get to your working place. You get tired even earlier than you start fulfilling your tasks. Of course, if you like your colleagues and your company, there can be a compromise. Part-time work from home is also a nice idea in case you do not want to quit your job but want to change your schedule. You’ll reduce stressful moments and still be part of a team.

7. You’re close to your family

The automation brought by big data also gives you more time to spend with your family. Parents can watch their children or ill family members when they’re working at home. It’s also a great chance to tighten the connection with your loved ones. You’ll only have to find a comfortable place where no one will make noise while you’re working.

8. Higher productivity level

As the Medium post pointed out, big data has boosted productivity. The Muse pointed out that big data has brought some of the biggest benefits on productivity.

Many companies offering jobs working from home on computers realize that an employee may promote a higher productivity level when he feels comfortable and nothing disturbs him. And they are right because you start training discipline after you change the employment format. You want to achieve better results and set a schedule that is comfortable for working. Besides, you’re sure that no one from your colleagues will interrupt you with something like “One more question” or “Have you seen it???”. That’s why you’ll focus on your task and nothing will disturb you while you’re working.

9. Making money from home is easier because you can work on several projects

If your time-management skills are great and you can devote time to several jobs, why not? Working with different spheres is a great chance to develop yourself as an expert. Moreover, you fulfill tasks from home and don’t need to waste time by spending it in transport.

10. Cozy clothes

You can put on your pajamas or joggers when working from home. No one will see it! Remember that your working productivity depends on your comfort. That’s why don’t be shy to wear what you like at home.

Big Data Brings Massive Productivity Changes for the Remote Workplace

Big data has had a profound effect on productivity and made the remote workplace more feasible. Companies and remote employees alike should be aware of the big data tools available to them and invest accordingly.

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