Social Media in the Enterprise: Adoption in 2012 [Infographic]

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There is no doubt that the social media “phenomenon” has been embraced by most average Web users. But from Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, to LinkedIn and the plethora of emerging social tools and platforms that seem to sprout every week, enterprises appear to be struggling with this new medium. Or are they?

Is it simply a new channel for marketing? How can customer service manage the sheer volume of customer conversations flowing through the Social Web? Who, in the organization, “gets” social media? What are the barriers to social media adoption by the enterprise?

In their latest 2012 social media survey, Thinkjar and Beagle Research reached out to over 20,000 enterprise professionals to help develop a clearer picture of social media adoption in businesses. We’ve distilled some of the survey results into a cool infographic that you can view for free!

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