A Self-Service and Social Approach To Analytics – BI Webinar

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For anyone who missed the Aug 25 webinar “BI in the Cloud” with Forrester Research senior analyst James Kobielus, a recorded copy is available here.  I won’t ruin the surprise by spoiling the ending, just keep in mind that analytics and data visualization are just some of the applications that are shifting from hosted, hostage, siloed tools and becoming more collaborative and self-service. 

This shift towards Social BI is helping companies monitor and mine ever growing streams data, leveraging convergence of data mining, content analytics, and complex event processing.  Kobielus discusses how to break the bottlenecks of knowledge that can be trapped in employee’s heads.  He explores some of the user requirements, market drivers, and technological innovations that are moving enterprise BI environments to embrace social technologies.

David Wallace
Spotfire Blogging Team

Image Credit: Microsoft Office Clip Art

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