Role Of Predictive Analytics In The Shifting Email Threat Landscape

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Predictive analytics is essential in modern email threat prevention. The IEEE created a report titled Identifying Email Threats Using Predictive Analytics, which shed a lot of light on this complicated issue.

How is Predictive Analytics Revamping Email Security?

Securing your email and other communication mediums from unauthorized access and threats is a priority more than ever. SC Magazine points out that 1,150 new email security threats are discovered every single day. Your emails can be accessed by hackers trying to gain private information about the company or penetrate the business network. Therefore, having a secured emailing system has become a necessity for individuals as well as organizations.

Predictive analytics is essential to the future of email security. Iron Scales talks about a number of ways that predictive analytics is being used to protect emails from malicious hackers.

A confluence of events has changed the email threat landscape and the required response. The first one to happen is the massive move of email to the cloud storage. And this shift has diverted a lot of the trust for email security away from the organization.

Humans don’t understand the importance of privacy until you think of the world without privacy. The data which is out there has all types of sensitive information.

Though email providers like Gmail & Outlook try to make a reasonable effort stopping attacks with bad links, malicious attachments, or viruses, they aren’t as effective in other areas. In addition, they may use or monetize personal information.

There are several major ways that predictive analytics is helping make emails more secure. These include eliminating trending and polymorphic attacks.

That’s why we’ve highlighted a few strategies that you should consider to protect your emails online.

Upgrade to a Secure Email Service

You can opt for an encrypted email solution that is immune to all the unnecessary spaces in between the security. To make sure the information and sensitive data of you or your company, take EPRIVO on board.

EPRIVO is a free private email that provides encryption and privacy-related access control for increased security as well as privacy. It does not store your emails but defends you against any possible infringement of security.

This is a healthy separation of roles, and you can use your existing email addresses. When you use EPRIVO with your existing accounts, it will act as a secure barrier between email threats and your information.

Along with email security, it offers voice-enabled emails that you can send without worrying about your privacy. EPRIVO software is available on all major mobile and desktop platforms.

The nice thing about these systems is that they have predictive analytics algorithms already built into their security protocols.

Other Alternatives That You Can Adopt to Secure your Network & Devices

Though solutions like EPRIVO would keep your communication encrypted at all times and would provide you with access control even to anytime delete content everywhere, for any other data exchange, considering these points may be critical.

Set Up Advanced Threat Analytics

According to Microsoft, their advanced threat analytics (ATA) helps you form a multilateral and multi-layered network. With the accurate analysis of email threats, you will find it easier to identify the plan of action to resist or fight back the threat.  They rely heavily on advanced predictive analytics tools.

A well- structured and designed security strategy embraces the following characteristics through the available toolset:

  1. Web Management: Tools adopted by organizations that have dominant functions digitally must use email security management platforms. With a corresponding web management system, response to a threat will be quicker. Additionally, keeping a check on your network will be easier.
  2. Integrated Solutions: Such email security systems have many layers and components on which they operate. For adequate security, these components should work with an integrated security management system.
  3. Technology Enablement: For consistent and robust enforcement of email security, an enterprise is required to implement robust toolsets with high technical compatibility. These tools should have the capacity to analyze and report events, show the enterprise’s threat landscape, and have an enterprise-grade log.

Add WPA Key to Your Wireless Connection (Wi-Fi)

Use a WPA2 key on your wireless Internet connection for adding a layer to the security of your communication even beyond email.

You can change a WPA2 Key or add a new one through: Connections -> Your Wireless Network -> Wireless Map -> Your Router -> Properties -> Device Webpage. After that, click Wireless Security Settings and then “WEP/WPA Key.” Your WPA Key has been set up.

Use a Password Generator/Manager

Having a strong password is common sense when it comes to protecting email data from attackers. Otherwise, a weak password can be easily found out by hackers.

To reduce the risk of having your data exposed, have a complex and unique password. Many password manager tools will help in generating a unique and strong password for your system.

Securing your devices with a 360 Anti-Virus

Apart from securing your online browsing experience, these 360 Anti-virus programs are essentially vital, as these make it difficult for attackers to infiltrate into your systems.

There are many anti-viruses that you can choose from that provide specific security service for emails. They act as detection and protection to the vulnerabilities that come in your network’s way.

Predictive Analytics is Essential to Email Threat Protection

According to a study of the University of Maryland, with the rate of a hacker attacking every 39 seconds, daily users and Enterprises need to take necessary measures to secure their emails against hackers and unauthorized accounts to unable them from accessing your communication profiles.

Massive amounts of system destruction that can be triggered through malware, clicking on phishing emails, and whatnot can and will make your device susceptible to attack if strict actions towards it are not taken. A key step towards defending against these is a secure email service such as ass EPRIVO. Alternatively, one can layer up many different kinds of security services to mitigate these threats. In all events, protecting your emails is critical.

Predictive analytics is essential to preventing these types of attacks. All organizations should use predictive analytics for email threat prevention.

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