PMML Group in LinkedIn: Close to 1,000 members

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The Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) is the leading standard for representing statistical and data mining models. With PMML, it is straightforward to develop a model on one system using one application and deploy the model on another system using another application. PMML reduces complexity and bridges the gap between development and production deployment of predictive analytics.

PMML is governed by the Data Mining Group (DMG), an independent, vendor led consortium that develops data mining standards. PMML is currently supported by over 20 vendors and organizations and awareness as well as use of the standard is growing quickly. To establish a conduit in which people can come together to learn and discuss topics related to PMML, we have created a PMML interest group in LinkedIn. The group is going strong, with many PMML-related discussions and announcements every week. And, we are happy to announce that the group is now nearing 1,000 members!

To join the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) group on LinkedIn, please follow this link:

The group aims to serve as a central resource regarding the practical application of PMML, its benefits for business and IT. PMML increases business agility by eliminating the need for proprietary solutions or custom code development. For this reason, it is a critical element in the quest for business process optimization and automated, intelligent decisions.

We encourage active participation in the PMML group from the entire community, please post your questions! The group already contains postings related to

  • The value of PMML for business and IT
  • PMML powered products
  • Links to a general introduction and overview presentation

If your organization is already supporting the PMML standard, please feel welcome to share information about your products which do so.

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