Nomination Period Underway for the 2011 Government Big Data Solutions Award

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The amount of data being created is growing faster than humans can analyze. But fast analysis over the right data can solve tough challenges. Those facts are driving the continual pursuit of new solutions to Big Data challenges. Solutions to these Big Data issues hold the promise of helping many sectors of our life, but the missions and data of governments make the government sector one of particular importance. The government has special abilities to focus research in areas like Health Sciences, Economics, Law Enforcement, Defense, Geographic Studies, Environmental Studies, Bioinformatics, and Computer Security. Each of those can be well served by Big Data approaches. There are also many areas of direct government service to citizens which can benefit from Big Data solutions.

Shortly put: Big Data innovation in and around governments holds great promise of enhancing our lives.

Innovation through new analytical approaches is already occurring in and around government. We have witnessed and written about many exciting Big Data programs and projects and solutions and are enthused about the growing Big Data community in the federal space. In recognition of this growing community, we are helping coordinate the 2011 Government Big Data Solutions Award.

Please review the announcement below and let us know of those Big Data projects/programs/solutions you know of that have had a positive impact in the government sector. And stay tuned here for more information!, a subsidiary of Crucial Point LLC, is now soliciting nominations for the 2011 Government Big Data Solutions Award. This recognition is being established to help facilitate the exchange of best practices, lessons learned and creative ideas for solutions to hard data challenges. We would appreciate your support for the first phase of this process: the nomination of deserving solutions.

We are seeking nominations which highlight best practices in solving Big Data challenges, especially those built around the Apache Hadoop framework of solutions.

Award winners will be written up in our online technology reviews at and published in the Government Big Data Newsletter. A presentation of awards is also being planned for Fall 2011.

Please let us know your nomination for awardees. Candidates from industry and government worthy  of recognition are being sought.

To nominate a solution see:

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