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Does Convergence of Ad Media Require Convergence of Research?

Does Convergence of Ad Media Require Convergence of Research?

For the past several years now my firm’s media industry clients have been asking us to help measure ad effectiveness of more complex campaigns. Many media sales today go beyond traditional TV ads and also frequently include a combination of various banner ads across online networks, social media engagement tactics, apps or games, custom client web portals to name just a few. Thus measuring the campaign efficacy is also becoming more complex.

Last year I became aware of the Advertising Research Foundation’s Audience Measurement event series and look forward to the event this year as well.

I’ll be at AM 7.0 on June 11, and hope to see some fellow Next Gen Researchers there. I’m particularly interested in the best way to measure ad effectiveness of these hybrid media campaigns. Personally I think the key to measuring the convergence of traditional and digital advertising lies in the convergence of traditional and Next Gen market research techniques. While survey research remains a good way to measure pre-post lift etc. I believe new techniques such as tracking and text mining sentiment have become a critical component necessary to truly understand the efficacy of an entire campaign. Yet few if any traditional research firms have yet to develop expertise across these areas.

I’m hoping this topic will be discussed more in the future within the NGMR LI group. Please let me know if you’ll be at the event, I always look forward to learning what others are doing in this important area of consumer research.


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