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Next Gen Market Research networking group (NGMR) today announced that it has officially joined the ranks of other research industry trade organizations such as the American Marketing Association (AMA), Advertising Research Federation (ARF), Marketing Research Association (MRA), Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO), European Marketing Research Organization (ESOMAR), and others…

NGMR Founder, Tom H. C. Anderson commented, “In our research among researchers we found there was a shortage of research organizations. Researchers want more research on research, more research conferences to attend, and more research magazines to read.”

Elections for ‘Secretary General’ of NGMR are scheduled to be held next month. Gordon J. Morris, NGMR’s newly appointed Senior Executive Chairman of Cutting Edge Strategies, was adamant that NGMR was not just another society, and was bullish about the future of NGMR. “There is a lot of talk in the industry at the moment about how we can be more relevant”, Morris observed. “NGMR is a great outlet for this angst, as we’re taking it to the modern era. NGMR conferences will offer researchers the chance to link-in through facebook, with delegates remotely tweeting through their presentations. We’ll be able to question our relevance in a way that’s simply not possible today”.

Just over 11,000 current NGMR members active as of March 31st, will receive automatic one year free membership making NGMR the world’s largest market research trade organization! Honorary membership positions have also been extended to heads of several national research organizations and have already been accepted by research organizations in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France and most of Scandinavia.

Tom De Ruyck, President of Belgian Market Research Association (BAQMaR) said “It’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for. As NGMR has been so popular among researchers globally on Twitter, LinkedIn and the web in general, taking it into the offline world makes perfect sense. I’ve had a lot of experience organizing offline meet-ups here in Belgium which I know will be helpful. I am really looking forward to a new research world in which NGMR and BAQMaR can help make our industry cool again!”

NGMR aims to offer research professionals several ’Benefits Speciale’:

  • Special High-Intensity Training
  • Lobby the United Nations for global research needs (Global $1 Airport tax towards survey incentives)
  • Lobby governments across the world to standardize their respective census to one single giant one hour omnibus.
  • Allow members to choose between several customized codes of ethics so that everyone can find one that suits their countries laws, business ethics and personal preferences
  • A Union for members working for larger research suppliers which will negotiate better working conditions (Less deadlines, fewer sweat shops, and better wages)

Several conferences and events are being planned both online and off. The Inaugural NGMR Conference is already being planned and will be held at Giants Stadium in New Jersey to make room for the over ten thousand expected attendees.

NGMR is also looking for aspiring market research authors, trainers, or software providers who wish to sell their wares via the organization. This along with lots and lots of advertising is seen as a way to keep membership dues to a minimum while maintaining independence and neutrality.

Are you interested in becoming a member?

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