Marketing Experts From Neil Patel To Guy Kawasaki Emphasize The Importance Of Big Data

Many world renowned marketing experts have highlighted the importance of big data - here's what to know.

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Big data evangelists have made a lot of bold claims about the growing importance of data science in recent years. They have talked about the growing use of big data in almost every field, including marketing. They have been joined by a number of marketing experts in recent years as well.

You can find a number of leading marketing experts that talk about the benefits of big data. These experts don’t just emphasize the benefits in general. They pointed to specific applications of big data that can be invaluable.

Major Marketing Experts Discuss the Wonders of Big Data

Here are a couple of examples of statements that they have made about big data.

Neil Patel Talks about the Benefits of Personalization with Big Data for Major Retailers

Neil Patel is the founder of Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics. His companies obviously depend heavily on big data. Ironically, he doesn’t talk a lot about how big data has made his companies stand out, even though they are based on sophisticated data technology.

Instead, Patel talks about the use of big data in other fields. He has mentioned the use of big data for personalization, which is something many major retailers are using.

“Before the advent of big data, the closest customers could get to a personalized experience with retailers was through their loyalty program.”

Guy Kawasaki Talks About Using Big Data for Becoming a Best Selling Author

Guy Kawasaki is another major marketing expert that talks about big data. He has made a Facebook post on using big data to find the right ebook market and sell more ebooks.

Find More Marketing Blogs that Talk About Big Data

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working to make your website more professional or if you’re ready to make some much-needed website changes, you might be wondering what resources to utilize and where you can find these resources. As these experts pointed out, you need to recognize that big data plays a role in the future of marketing. This means that you need to find resources that talk about the benefits of using big data.

A good place to start is by reading through various marketing blogs that mention big data in their content. Blogs are a way to get expert advice on a variety of subject matters. Whether you’re looking for the best WordPress reviews or you’re trying to find SEO tips, there is sure to be a blog out there that can meet your needs.

Of course, if you’re going to be utilizing resources from a blog to guide your decisions regarding your website, you’re only going to want to locate blogs that are factual and informative. Signs that a blog is a poor resource to use include bad grammar, frequent misspellings or typos, and content that is being used to spam keywords or backlinks. If the bloggers can’t get these basic things right, then you can’t trust them to talk about something as complex as using big data in your marketing strategy.

In addition to the Hello Digital blog, there are quite a few marketing blogs with a big data emphasis that you will want to consider looking at. Here are just three excellent blogs that you might want to look at.

Get SEO tips at Backlinko

Keeping up with SEO trends is important since SEO is constantly changing and evolving. When you utilize SEO correctly, you’ll rank higher in Google, which allows you to increase the organic traffic on your site. Your SEO practices need to keep up with market demands. As we mentioned in the past, Aj Agrawal has talked about the growing importance of big data in SEO. You need to find marketing blogs that discuss these changes.

If you’re hoping to get more guidance on best SEO practices, check out a blog such as Backlinko. This website and blog are intended to provide SEO training and go over the best SEO strategies. It has a lot of posts on the use of big data in SEO. One of their posts talks about Google’s AI algorithm, known as RankBrain, and how it influences SEO. In addition to the blog, there is also a newsletter option that you can subscribe to.

Information that can be found on the blog ranges from how to scale your content creation to strategies to grabbing backlines that will boost your Google ranking. While some posts are considered exclusive content for subscribers, there is also plenty of free content throughout the blog that you can read.

Learn about web design at Web Designer Depot

The design of your website impacts how your audience sees your brand. You want your audience to form a good first impression of your company as soon as they click on your site. Poor web design can make people click away from your site and go to a competitor’s site.

Keep informed about the best web design practices by reading a blog such as Web Designer Depot. This blog goes over a little bit of everything, including design news from around the web, tools you can use, and visual design tips. 

In addition to articles, the website also recommends free resources you can utilize on your website. Some of these resources talk about the ways that you can use big data to create higher quality marketing content. This includes free icons, free fonts, business cards, and more. There is also a section for discounted resources. If you’re a small business with a limited budget, these resources make it easier to customize your website while maintaining your budget.

Check out WordPress reviews at CollectiveRay

Many small business owners are utilizing WordPress as a host since WordPress is affordable and is easy to customize with various themes. However, sometimes it is easy to get overwhelmed with the number of themes that are available to choose from.

As a website owner, you should also check out reviews of a theme before using it on your site. And a blog such as CollectiveRay is a great place to find these reviews. This blog frequently updates their reviews on popular WordPress themes, such as the Divi Theme.  It uses data analytics to screen reviews and find those that are the highest quality.

Reading over these reviews can help you make an informed decision about what theme to use. In addition to reviews, CollectiveRay also goes over web design tips, including information about other software platforms besides WordPress. No matter if you’re looking to improve your WordPress site or if you’re thinking about switching to a new host, CollectiveRay’s reviews can help.

Get Insights from Experts that Recognize that Big Data is Critical to the Future of Marketing

Big data is changing the future of marketing in many ways. Successful marketing experts can talk about this in great detail.

As a business owner, you have to make important decisions regarding your website. And one of the best ways to make those decisions is by staying informed by what is happening in the world of web design and marketing.

Utilizing blogs as resources can help you learn about SEO techniques, get new resources you can use on your website, read online reviews about what themes you should be using, and more.

If you don’t yet have a list of blogs you’re regularly visiting, bookmark some of the blogs mentioned throughout this article or look them up on social media. They can help you use big data to be a more effective marketer. And remember, there are many other blogs out there!

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