Leveraging Big Data To Create An Extraordinary Explainer Video

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Big data is revamping our views of digital marketing. It has already played an essential role in search engine optimization and social media marketing. Inc. talked about the role of big data in SEO a couple of years ago ? a topic that we have covered extensively as well. However, it has recently started to have a profound influence on video marketing as well. A couple of months ago, Megan Mary Jane talked about 15 ways that big data is changing the video marketing industry. Data segmentation, re-targeting, and simplification of marketing messages are all applications of data. However, there is another benefit of big data in video marketing. Creating more effective video messages.

Using Big Data to Create Highly Effective Explainer Videos

Big data is playing an important role in developing better explainer videos. This is one of the most important benefits that is missed by new video marketers. A clear explanation is worth its weight in gold. Why? Simple. 93% of businesses feel that explainer videos increased users understanding of their business. And, 36% of companies report that they’ve received fewer support queries after posting an explainer video. Explainer videos are the perfect marketing tool to park on your home page, so potential clients know everything they need to know about your product and/or your company. Big data makes it easy to condense messages and evaluate the most important pain points to emphasize. So how do you create the perfect explainer video? Check out these tips, and you will be on your way to the best branded video production. Here are some of the ways that big data technology is aiding with making video marketing messages. Create a Strong Script Your script is the foundation of your video. A well-written script will make it easier for you to create a quality explainer video. It?s a good idea to hire someone to write your script. If you try to have someone from within write your script, you run the risk of that person making assumptions. If you hire someone, you are inviting a fresh perspective into the process. Those fresh eyes will be able to explain things in a way everyone, not just people familiar with your company, can understand. Keep it Short and Simple A good explainer video focuses on four things: The problem Address the problem that your customers face. And keep this section should last about twenty seconds. The solution Explain that your product is the solution to the problem. Budget about twenty to twenty-five seconds for this section. How it works Talk about how your product works or how you got started. You can spend up to fifty seconds on this section. Call to Action Tell people what they need to do next. Allow about sixty seconds for this part. Showcase the Benefits You are proud of all of the features you have to offer so this might be hard for you. But you don’t want your explainer to talk about all the features you have to offer. You want it to talk about the benefits your product has to offer. In short, you want your video to focus on how your product will make your customers? lives better. The features are just a bonus. Hire a Voice Professional If your video sounds bad, people won?t have a clue what you are offering. Take the plunge and hire a professional. It?s that simple. Visuals are Minor This may seem contradictory since we are talking about video, but it’s true. The role of your visuals is to support the voice over and help tell the story. Video has a lot to offer?special effects are fun to play with and watch. But, again, you need to focus on the bigger picture. And that is explaining how your product will simplify the lives of your customers. Without a doubt, an explainer video is the way to go if you are trying to increase people’s understating of your company, or if you want to reduce the number of support queries. If you follow these tips, you are sure to publish an excellent explainer video.

Big Data is the Key to Making the Best Explainer Videos

Big data is one of the most important advances in the video marketing industry. Many video marketers are applying data analytics and big data creative tools to create better videos for their audience.

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