How Big Data Can Make Any Of Us Like Sherlock Holmes

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I recently watched the television series “The Stranger”. This television show is about a beautiful, witty, young hacker that uses her skills to uncover other people’s secrets to expose.

 The show has some interesting premises, but it really focuses on the amount of information available to us in the age of big data. Big data has rewritten the rules on private investigating. When Arthur Conan Doyle wrote his Sherlock Holmes series in the late 19th century, his protagonist was armed with very rudimentary tools. Big data has leveled the playing field, so anybody can become a great detective.

Big Data Has Made It Possible for Anybody to Become a Savvy Detective

 It is a good thing that big data makes it easier for people to conduct their own background checks. They can find much more information at a much lower cost. Here are some reasons using data analytics tools to find information on your own can be better than hiring a PI.

 Identifying bogus job applications

 Employers need to carefully screen employees before deciding whether or not to hire them. One survey by CareerBuilder found that 58% of employers discovered blatant false hoods on job applications.

 Big data technology has made significant advances in helping employers discover these misrepresentations. Although employers and background check agencies don’t have access to a complete database of every job an applicant has held, they can get access to records voluntarily provided by various employers. They can also mine data from LinkedIn profiles, news sites and other sources to identify information about applicants.

Learning more about people you might go on dates with

 Big data has played an important role in facilitating the online dating industry. Omegle, Tinder and other dating platforms rely heavily on big data to help match singles with each other.

 There is another benefit of using big data for online dating. Big data technology enables people to find more information about other singles before going on dates with them.

Many people are glad that they used data mining tools to find more about the people they consider dating. One woman said she found a disturbing stand-up comedy video on YouTube about a man she was going to go out with. Other women found lots of vile, racist or sexist statements people have made online.

Protecting children from predators in your area

 Big data has also been invaluable for protecting children from predators in their area. Big data tools can mine information from sex offender registry and cross-reference them against people throughout the community. This information helps parents be on their guard when potential offenders are living near them.

Getting information for potential lawsuits

You might be planning to file a lawsuit against somebody for a personal injury, defamation or another civil tort. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to find the information that you need to file, let alone win the suit. Big data has made it a lot easier. You can use license plate search tools to find information about somebody that hit your vehicle without sharing your personal information. You can also data from online sources to determine the state of mind and prove intent with various torts.

Big data is disrupting the background check industry in beneficial ways

It used to take weeks or even months for private investigators to uncover information about their subjects. Investigators needed extensive training to find what they are looking for.

Big data has turned these practices on their head. Anybody that knows how to use a computer can turn to data analytics tools to find out more information about potential employees, people they want to date or anybody else in their lives. Big data has help them save a lot of money investigating on their own. It has literally turned them into modern day detectives that could rival the great Sherlock Holmes.

Start using big data to conduct background checks

Are you planning on conducting a background check on somebody? Big data technology has made it easier than ever. You should be aware of the different data analytics tools available to you and use them to your fullest advantage.

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