How AI Is Transforming Mobile Message Marketing

AI, or artificial intelligence, has made a big difference in mobile message marketing. Here's how it has transformed the process.

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Artificial intelligence is changing the norms for mobile technology. A growing number of companies are using AI to improve the effectiveness of their marketing channels.

Patrick Perrin, the Chief Scientist, Head of AI and Research at Emogi, talked about this in a post on Inside Big Data. The article “AI is About to Change Your Messaging Experience Forever – Are You Ready?” delved into some of the biggest changes AI is bringing to the mobile messaging experience.

Although the article focuses on the use of AI from the customer side, it also alludes to some of the changes that AI is bringing to mobile message marketers. We wanted to hone in on the changes from the marketer side.

AI is Pushing Mobile Message Marketing into a New Era

The marketing sector has been changing due to AI advances. These changes have taken place over the last few decades with mobile devices changing the way we interact with customers around the world. The rise of email marketing has been one of the most important new aspects of mobile engagement for companies of all sizes. One area that is growing in importance for all business leaders who have even a passing interest in marketing is that of mobile messaging.

Across the marketing sector, there have been developments across almost every technology as the use of SMS is growing as one of the most important aspects of the marketing arena. AI is helping these brands identify their target markets more effectively, provide automated responses and improve engagement.

Why is Mobile Messaging Marketing Important?

One of the keys to marketing is always to know the target demographic you are looking to bring your products and services to. Mobile messaging marketing is key to modern advertising because the use of text messages has been shown to be important to the key demographic of 18 to 34-year-olds. Since this group is most tech-savvy, they will be most impacted by the use of AI in mobile messaging.

Forbes explains that modern Millennials are one of the most tech-savvy groups of people in the world with a recent study showing that speaking on the phone is only the fifth most used app on phones. This shows that AI is going to be especially necessary to reach them.

The switch to texting over talking on the telephone is born from the desire of Millennials to spend the majority of their receiving information in the form of texts and emails. This form of communication and the rise of texting when the Millennial generation was starting to make their way in the world and learn how to communicate using cell phones. Almost 70 percent of Millennials admit they text the majority of the time which could be a reason why SMS marketing has risen to such a prominent place in the advertising sector.

Marketing on a Messaging Platform

SMS marketing has been growing by a large amount throughout the 21st-century in the U.S. leading to a great deal of regulation being brought in to regulate this kind of marketing. Using an SMS gateway platform as a high-quality way of reaching your existing and potential customers is completed with the permission of the client. Unlike robocalls that can be opted out of, mobile messaging marketing must be opted into by the customer to ensure they are only receiving messages when desired. Chron reports the Federal Communications Commission has the responsibility of monitoring and regulating the mobile messaging marketing sector. Companies are using AI to improve the opt-in rates and keep customers from turning away from them.

Understand Roaming Control and IPX

What your company needs to know about is how can you reach your existing and potential customers even when they are not at home. The reason for SMS messaging rising in importance around the world is the fact that it is an immediate form of communication that is instantly seen and responded to. If your company is conducting a flash sale and response is time sensitive your SMS message must make it through to your customers no matter where they are.

One of the biggest applications of AI in mobile messaging is with roaming control. An impressive roaming control service is vital to the continued success of your company with IPX playing an important part in your mobile messaging marketing. IPX was created by telecommunications companies in a bid to operate alongside the internet to provide a better way of pushing notifications and text messages to their customers when out of their home service area. By using a patchwork of networks, roaming control has been adapted to allow SMS marketing to play a huge role in the modern business sector.

The Continuous Nature of Messaging

When your company is working with a customer through emails it can be hard to look back over numerous messages that are difficult to explore and complete in real-time. LinkedIn reports the feeling of continuous communication offered by a text messaging service is far more immediate and personal than those offered by other entrants into the marketing sector.

This is the basic idea of mobile engagement shown in the use of an easy to understand the thread of messages that can offer advice and prompt an immediate response. By typing out a text message, a customer is actively engaged in a marketing campaign and moving forward with their role as a consumer in real-time.

Link to a Larger Campaign

Business 2 Community explains the importance of a mobile marketing campaign as including the chance to move a campaign forward through individualized messages. Whether a company is looking to create a social media campaign or offer a flash sale on their website, many options can be linked to an SMS message from your company.

Targeted marketing campaigns are constantly being created and the role of advertising will soon become focused solely on the individual reading the message. Texting provides a simple way of engaging with customers on a more personal level that cannot be underestimated by marketers or business owners.

AI Brings Remarkable Changes to Mobile Messaging

Mobile messaging is changing, due to advances in AI. AI is going to be incredibly important for marketers trying to capitalize off of the growing number of mobile users in the market. They need to use these new features to the best of their ability.

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