Federal Government Working to Promote Faster Adoption of Cloud Computing

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The Federal government has recently established FEDRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) in order to provide a standard approach for government agencies to assess and authorize the use of Cloud computing within the various agencies of the Federal government. Since the various agencies have varying security requirements and multiple agencies are not compatible on the same system, the Federal government, along with the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), are currently working to standardize assessment, authorization and security policies, to help lower the amount of time and cost associated with bringing Cloud computing to the government. The goal of the wide risk and authorization program is to promote faster adoption of the cloud computing within the various agencies.

What this means to Cloud ERP Software Vendors

Cloud ERP providers can take advantage of set rules across all agencies for both their selling efforts and implementation of the Cloud offering. By establishing these policies, Federal agencies will have a better understanding of how to assess Cloud computing and the security issues involved, allowing agencies to make decisions faster with more confidence, which helps lower the cost and time normally associated with acquiring new products. This program will also help open up visibility of Cloud computing within the Federal government. Cloud ERP providers serving government entities and contractors should become familiar with these policies so that they can realize the benefits that the program will offer.

For more information about FEDRAMP and the standardization activities being formalized, click on the following link: http://cio.gov/pages-nonnews.cfm/page/Federal-Risk-and-Authorization-Management-Program-FedRAMP

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