The Undeniable Evolution Of The Gaming Industry In Response To AI

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Artificial intelligence is becoming a vital technology in many industries. Recent reports estimate that the AI industry will be worth $10 billion by 2024. One of the industries that is expected to be most impacted by AI is online gaming.

The gaming industry has always been one to embrace new technological advances. Technology has become even more important as the industry has taken its operations online. This milestone was facilitated by continued technological advances.

Artificial Intelligence has had a profound impact on online gaming. How will AI shape the gaming industry in the coming years?

AI Transforms the Gaming Industry in Almost Every Way

Many sectors of the online gaming industry are being affected by AI. The esports industry market is worth $1.1 billion, largely due to advances in AI.

Artificial Intelligence is simply a computer algorithm that is capable of replicating human behavior to some degree. It has become more sophisticated in the age of machine learning, where these algorithms can evolve with new experiences.

AI has proven to be a godsend for the online gaming industry, as there’s plenty for it to learn. The algorithms can learn from a player’s behavior and preferences. The technology can change how games should be played and how those playing should respond to specific moves when playing titles such as blackjack, roulette, poker and other casino games.

The success of a gaming provider hinges on their ability to improve the player experience. Gaming providers have found that is vital to ensure their simulations continue to improve, especially in an industry which is ripe with competition. AI comes into play here as it is always learning what players like, and what they potentially dislike, which enables an operator to make changes as and when required, changes which will lead to a better gaming experience.

AI can also improve the customer service experience in online gaming too, and this is already proving to be a big hit with players. For example, many progressive online casino operators have already employed Live Chat as part of their overall customer support. It has become a vital aspect of service, as it offers a real time response to near enough any query. In fact, according to Royal Vegas Canada, there is a direct correlation between sound customer support and player retention.

Live chat boxes which appear on gaming websites are usually manned by staff which work 24/7. This can sometimes be a strain on the operator in terms of cost, finding the right number of staff and level of experience. However, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Live Chat can be manned by computerized agents who respond to cues depending on the customer query. With AI being part of the process, the responses will be more accurate and delivered faster. Also, as Artificial Intelligence will know the customer, their details, preferences and behavior, they will be able to provide a more tailored and personal approach to customer service.

Finally, AI is helping gaming providers prevent cheating. People have tried to cheat at gaming since the beginning of human history. Players are still likely to cheat online, especially in poker and other contests with other human players. AI can be put to work here to monitor the activity, which is taking place within a casino game, or even a tournament. If something appears fishy, the technology will spot it immediately, as it will already have learned the correct patterns of behavior.

With financial transactions taking place constantly on gaming platforms, both deposits and withdrawals, this has seen them become the number one target for online fraudsters and cyber crooks. However, customers need not worry when the platform they use utilizes AI, as it will help identify fraudulent behavior by highlighting abnormal transactions and suspect activity.

Therefore, multiple withdrawal attempts or funds being used in an uncharacteristic way, will be flagged up by the onboard AI immediately. Which would then likely lead to monitoring of an account or precautionary measures taken, depending on the individual case. This way, the player’s funds and details will remain secure, as well as protecting the business and reinforcing trust in the brand. Thus, further underlining how essential Artificial Intelligence is to all participants and the future prosperity of the industry.

AI is the Lifeblood of the Gaming Industry

Artificial intelligence has changed the gaming industry in countless ways. It is making services cheaper, eliminating fraud, providing better security to customers and providing higher quality services. AI is going to change the future for the better.

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