Digital Transformation Has Spurred an Unexpected Renaissance in the Age of Big Data

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Digital transformation is the next big thing in big data. It is being shaped by countless applications from Hadoop to the restructuring of data servers.

IT outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular among companies and start-ups seeking support in the field of IT projects. It should not come as a surprise in such a fast-developing world where a wide range of skills is needed. As long as there are many advantages of making the most of outsourcing, companies can encounter some drawbacks as well.


By cutting logistics and operational costs, a company can save a lot of money and generate more profit whilst focusing on core business. You don’t have to spend time & money recruiting people you need only temporarily or just for a particular project.  Outsourcing brings a lot of flexibility, the fact that you can ramp up and ramp down, depending on what the project requires at a given time.

Access to expertise

Even if a company has an in-house IT department, it may still be lacking some professional skills. How to sort it out and make companies deliver results? The answer is simple – hire people with necessary skill sets or… decide to outsource. Thanks to the latter, employment costs can be optimized, while the high level of expertise is maintained.

Competitive edge

As your IT nearshoring partner will have experience with different technologies, companies and industries, they will therefore be able to provide tons of advice, should you need it. The project has to be well thought through and clearly communicated on both sides. Thus, it creates a space to develop top-notch solutions, enabling your business to outdo competition and improve overall competitiveness.

Even though outsourcing seems like a silver bullet, you shouldn’t underestimate the things that may possibly go wrong.

Data security

Outsourcing is connected with sharing data: and it has to be secured and protected properly to avoid any possible leaks and frauds, sometimes not even caused by your partner, but by third parties. Bearing in mind threats arising from vulnerabilities, you should have security policies in place, obeyed by both parties.

Communication challenge

Outsourcing partners often need to face some differences in language, time zone and work culture. These are not insurmountable obstacles, but you need to bear in mind that, at times, they may occur and collaboration may be not as effective as you planned.

Cultural differences

Larger distance also often implies larger cultural differences, which may also affect the project itself. Finally, having a team on a different continent adds another hurdle to effective project management in form of time zones.

When choosing the right partner for outsourcing, always do your best to check whether the company you want to cooperate with is a good fit. Take your time, conduct a thorough research and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

The first step to this could be collaborating on clear request for information templates.

IT outsourcing can be a real blessing for any business: from start-ups that need the specialist IT skills, to big corporations wanting to ramp up their teams. There are many advantages of outsourcing that you really shouldn’t underestimate its power.

However, if you are still in doubt, visit Start Nearshoring – it is a knowledge base which may be the answer to you doubts and outsourcing related questions.

Digital Transformation is the Next Major Phase of Big Data

Big data is being shaped by a number of trends. Digital transformation is one of the most profound. It is going to change the data science profession in many ways in the years to come.

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