Data Science And Robotics: The Next Big Area Of Study?

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Data science is an important and valuable skill. Engineers are creating remarkable innovations every day, and with the relatively recent evolution of robotics, the data science field is bursting with opportunities. Data science and robotics are important fields to keep top of mind.

Robots are growing increasingly intelligent and complex, but they have quite a way to go before truly achieving self-sufficiency. For example, there’s no way for consumers to program a robot to grip every possible item it might need to work within a household. Fortunately, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) may soon enable robots to figure out this kind of basic task on their own.

Technology is advancing and changing the way we do business and live in the world. For instance, researchers have created an AI-powered robot that can autonomously solve the puzzle that involves kids inserting shaped pegs into the correct hole. The robot can solve the classic children’s puzzle using a process called reinforcement learning, an automaton version of trial and error. For example, researchers can tell the robot to fit the square peg into the square hole, and it will figure out how to do it.

Data Science and Big Data Are Revolutionizing Tech

More than 53-percent of the world’s enterprises leverage big data technology. This is an enormous leap from only 17-percent in 2015.

More companies are taking advantage of data science technologies to streamline their operations and improve their organizational structures. As a result, there’s a surge in exciting career opportunities for data scientists.

Now is the time enter the fascinating data science field. Today, there are many resources to prepare for a career in the discipline, such as the wealth of online learning opportunities.

Data Science Is Expanding and Changing Business

More and more enterprise leaders are relying on big data systems to make critical business decisions. In addition, the rise of big data is creating new job opportunities. Resultantly, enterprise leaders are actively seeking data science specialists for new kinds of positions — such as data analysis, mathematics and data engineering.

There’s an enormous demand for companies to find the right IT specialists and create a strong team. Business leaders need experts with analytical skills who are creative, innovative and proficient in working with digital information.

Robotics and Tech Innovations Are Paving the Way of the Future

Tech advancements are changing all industries and affecting everyone. Professionals with data science skills can thrive regardless of their previous career background. Furthermore, robotic technologies are improving the quality of life for society and transforming important fields such as medicine. Now, artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) technologies are revolutionizing the business landscape, fueled by the knowledge of talented data scientists.

Enterprises across the continuum of industries and fields are leveraging data science technologies to drive innovation and promote change. The union of data science, AI and ML have produced marvels such as self-driving cars, smart assistants and surgical robots.

You Want to Study Data Science and Advance Your Skills

There are many resources in the United States and abroad for studying data science and enhancing one’s skill set. Some companies will pay for and support workers who want to go to school to learn the discipline. Younger generations should be encouraged to broaden their knowledge and take advantage of these kinds of potentially prosperous opportunities.

As an example, China has many study abroad and work programs for Chinese and international students. Because China is one of the most expanding economies, it has many different opportunities and world class business, culture, and finance opportunities, including programs for tech experts, data majors, and AI-related studies. The nation’s Ministry of Education wants China to become the world’s leading AI innovation center and a focal point for talent in the field by the year 2030.

Data Science and Tech Are Here to Stay

It’s a wise choice for today’s learners to jump aboard the data science tech train. Workers who fail to adapt to the changing business environment will get left behind.

Trained data scientists are needed to help enterprises manage and secure large stores of information and work with innovative technologies such as robotics. Graduates who’ve chosen a career in data science have a bright future ahead.

As big data technology becomes more accessible, the need for experts in the discipline is increasing across a range of industries. Finance, insurance and information technology companies are struggling to fill job openings. So much so that employers are encouraging existing personnel to train in the field. In addition to the prospect of ample job openings, many data science career hopefuls are lured into the industry because of the substantial salary offered by employers.

No one really knows how robotic innovations will ultimately affect society. More than likely, the world’s mechanical companions and workers will peacefully coexist with and help humankind, just as they’ve done thus far.

Robots promise to change and improve nearly every aspect of living. Still, some professions will forever require a human touch.

The machines are here. Now, society must contemplate how to use the innovation responsibly.

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