Data Analytics Assures Quality Assurance with Software Development Outsourcing

Software developers are using data analytics to improve their outsourcing models.

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The software development industry is growing at a healthy pace. It is estimated to be worth $429.6 billion this year. That figure is projected to grow over 11% a year and will be worth over $911 billion in 2028.

A lot of different factors are contributing to the changes that are being observed in the software development market. New advances in data analytics and a wealth of outsourcing opportunities have contributed.

Shrewd software developers are finding ways to integrate data analytics technology into their outsourcing strategies. This can help them develop new software applications much more efficiently and with a lower cost structure.

Some creative ways to weave data analytics into a software development outsourcing approach are listed below. They will help you get the most of a web application development company.

Use data analytics to improve Agile management

Agile management is a very important aspect of modern web development. Around 71% of organizations have stated that they use Agile for their project management. They have found that it helps expedite the software development process and minimizes the cost of development.

Agile methodologies are very useful whether you are developing software applications in-house or outsourcing the processes. However, it is more difficult to use the right Agile processes when you are outsourcing your development operations.

The good news is that there are ways to use Agile more effectively with you are outsourced development team by using big data. One of the most important things that you need to do is ensure that you have a reliable project documentation. Big data can play a surprisingly important role with the conception of your documents.

Data analytics technology can help you create the right documentation framework. You can use data mining tools to inspect archives of open-source Agile documentation from other developers. You can also assess the performance of different steps in your project and tweak your documentation according to outcomes. This can be particularly useful if you are using Agile to create IoT applications.

Use AI Technology to assess the performance of virtual team members

Monitoring the performance of team members is very important for software development companies. It has also become more difficult as team members become more specialized and geographically dispersed.

Fortunately, the right technology can be invaluable when it comes to monitoring the performance of software development professionals. There are a lot of artificial intelligence tools that help monitor the performance of remote teams.

These tools are based on a variety of important metrics, such as:

  • The number of hours that team members are logged into the team interface
  • The number of mistakes that a team member makes
  • The average time that each employee takes to complete a given task
  • The number of complaints that team members have received from their colleagues
  • The general feedback that clients have provided about the projects that various team members have worked on
  • The overall success rate of various projects that an individual has contributed to

AI employee monitoring tools are able to use all of this data to assess the performance of each team member. These applications don?t just monitor the overall performance of a team member. They can also make incredibly nuanced insights about their strengths and weaknesses. These AI algorithms can figure out which types of projects that team members are able to handle best.

They can use complex predictive analytics algorithms to project the likelihood of success a team member would have working on a specific software project in the future.  As AI algorithms become more sophisticated, they will be able to make it even better observations about the contributions of team members.

Find new open-source code to streamline development

Open-source code is very important for developing software applications. A number of new data mining tools have made it easier to discover this type of code on sites like GitHub.

You should make sure that these data mining tools are available to outsourced development teams. You won?t have as much control over their development practices, so it is a good idea to make sure that they have all of the tools needed to complete their tasks more efficiently and improve the quality of their performance.

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