DasCoin: A New Age Responsible Cryptocurrency

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Deep learning and predictive analytics are playing a huge role in the evolution of cryptocurrency. Data is being used to understand user behavior to identity the risks of fraud, predict future transaction volume, and make sure that user needs are aligned with the networks. As cryptocurrencies are more widely used, the challenges crypto platforms face will be amplified. The solutions deep learning and predictive analytics offer will be invaluable in addressing them. DasCoin is a new solution that depends on this increasingly complex technology. Here are some things that you should understand.

DasCoin is the Intersection of Big Data and Traditional Crypto Solutions

DasCoin is a safe haven in the Wild West world of cryptocurrency. The vast majority of new cryptocurrencies simply could not stand up to a rigorous regulatory test while providing fast, safe, and secure decentralized transaction processing.

The coin is at the center of an alliance referred to as the Das ecosystem. It combines blockchain technology with regulatory rigor, featuring permissioned users and masternodes operating within a strict Know-Your-Customer environment to anticipate regulatory scrutiny.

Regulation is inevitable and DasCoin is ready to meet the challenge in both the U.S. and abroad. The ongoing cryptocurrency crackdown in China and warnings from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission are a sign of things to come and will likely spell the end for most unprepared cryptocurrencies. DasCoin has protected itself from this fate by building Know-Your-Customer standards directly into its blockchain. With DasCoin, you can rest assured that your data is safe and anonymous and yet covered by the latest regulatory standards. This prevents future hassles that other cryptocurrencies are likely to face: fines, delistings, and worse.

The good news is that regulation and other changing realities will be simplified by big data. This will minimize the need for draconian standards that most people will have difficulty addressing.

Is DasCoin Really Better than the Rest?

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Absolutely. It’s easy to see where DasCoin stands out by comparing a few simple benchmarks.

  1. DasCoin can confirm transactions in six seconds. Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, can take hours or days to process a single transaction.
  2. DasCoin is built for volume. The DasCoin ecosystem can scale to more than 100,000 transactions per second, operating on a truly global scale.
  3. The Know-Your-Customer authentication system provides permissioned blockchain security. Every node in the system is fully verified and licensed and the network itself meets full counter-terrorism funding and anti-money-laundering standards.
  4. Consortium blockchain technology makes DasCoin sophisticated, integrated, and secure, balancing the needs of its users to interact with a decentralized wallet against stringent compliance standards.
  5. DasCoin is adaptable. As regulations and user requirements change, DasCoin is prepared to change along with them. This means sure growth and steady adoption. DasCoin says it is the currency of trust, and that trust secures its future potential.

What Is the Community of Empowerment?

DasCoin believes that all its users should share in the coin’s success. Everyone using it stands to benefit from its ongoing improvement. This is in stark contrast to traditional networks like Facebook, which are too topheavy to reward their users. The NetLeaders community, the ecsosytem partner which provides a purchase avenue to acquire DasCoin, gives users an opportunity to grow and develop.

This community helps fortify the blockchain on which DasCoin is built, and in turn that blockchain becomes more attractive to prospective collaborators. There is an incentive to make DasCoin a success and this community of empowerment represents the next big surge in the blockchain revolution.

DasCoin was the Inevitable Evolution of Cryptocurrencies as Big Data Became More Prevalent

Big data has been a game changer for the cryptocurrency industry. It has streamlined services and helped improve the functionality of most crypto currency networks. DasCoin is the newest solution to hit the market. What will it bring for us in the coming months? Only time will tell.

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