CTOlabs White Paper on Model-Enabled Analysis: Factors for Evaluation

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By BobGourley

By BobGourley

CTOlabs.com, a subsidiary of the technology research, consulting and services firm Crucial Point LLC and a peer site of CTOvision.com, has just announced a white paper on the advanced analytical construct known as “ Model-Enabled Analysis.”   This paper, titled “Model Enabled Analysis: Factors for Evaluation” provides background on model-driven analysis, an overview of criterial that can be used in evaluating solutions, and lessons learned that can be used in the deployment of solutions like these into your enterprise.

From the paper:

 This paper provides a checklist you can use to evaluate and improve your enterprise analytic framework. It is written for enterprises with the most advanced analytical challenges — those that require the best possible analysis in order to serve critically important missions. The lessons learned and conclusions outlined here result from a review of approaches and technology frameworks in place in both commercial and military settings.

But how can you choose the right solution for your enterprise? We recommend considering nine mission-focused factors in evaluating model-enabled analysis solutions. These factors are:

• Mission functionality/capability

• Ease-of-use/interface

• Architectural approach

• Data architecture

• Modeling capability

• Licensing

• Partner ecosystem

• Deployment models

• Health of the firm

The paper expands on each of those categories to provide tips you can use in evaluating any advanced analytical capability, especially those which leverage models and enhance user feedback and an ability to iterate questions.

Download the paper here:  ”Model Enabled Analysis: Factors for Evaluation




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