Big Data Creates Massive Changes for the Game of Golf

Big data analytics in golf technology has permanently changed the game for the better and continues to do so.

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All the way back in the 15th century, golf emerged on the sports scene and to this day, it remains one the most popular sports worldwide. It has maintained its originality and etiquette, even in its modern form.

However, just like other traditional sports and hobbies, it is not immune to changes brought on by new technology. Since its conception, many individual athletes and teams have optimized their performances with the latest technology while enhancing entertainment value for fans.\

We recently talked about some of the changes that data has created in the game of golf. You can keep reading to learn more about the history of these changes.

Big Data and Golf Game

Every aspect of golf in the modern form is being transformed through data analysis, cloud technologies, machine learning, and scientific advances. Golf has since embraced data analytics to provide enjoyment to the game and a deeper understanding.

A lot of changes have come about due to data analytics in the golf profession. One expert analyzed over 15 million shots and used a data analytics tool to understand ways to perfect golfing techniques.

Some of the biggest changes emerged nearly two decades ago, while others are only recently surfacing. In 2003, a development that triggered the revolution of data happened when CDW partnered with PGA Tour with a ball-tracking system that is more advanced, known as ShotLink. ShotLink’s concept was designed in 1983 to catalogue historical data as an electronic scorecard. 

However, with technological advancements, PGA Tour and CDW have developed an improved system intended to break down every stroke detail for each player to facilitate their performance. The objective of this cheaper golf simulator cost was to help golf be more accessible to fans and also to help golfers improve their game through data all over the world.

A study was held in 2016 that saw Big Data come into the scene.

This involved golfers at all levels, from amateurs to pros. During the study, 225 terabytes of swing data were used to analyze over 13000 golf swings. Several conclusions were from this study as to why one golfer can be better than the other.

Since Big data involves a lot of information, you might get hesitant on how to use it in practice. However, this information can help you a lot in your golf game, therefore, you can have a golf coach to guide you through where your game is and what to do to be a better golfer in the future. This is one of the biggest changes created in the game by big data.

Alternatively, you can buy a golf simulator. A golf simulator cost should not worry you because its prices vary from the most expensive to the most affordable.

Data analytics unlocked the following differences between the worst and best golfers:

  • Hip turn when the club connect with the ball
  • Hip sway when the club connect with the ball
  • Hip sway at the top of every swing
  • Shoulder bends at the finish of every swing
  • The shoulder should tilt at the top of every swing

Other than direct benefits to the player, technology has also led to the golf grounds improvement. Data systems allow golf clubs to track every shot played in their course with gender, age, handicap, weather condition, tee usage and the pace of play.

Data systems also give golfers a clear understanding of the interaction between players and various features of the golf course. It promotes focuses on improving the efficiency of a golfer by increasing course strategy or difficulty, playability pace play or environmental impact. It also focuses on reducing maintenance costs by reducing chemical and fertilizer usage, water redundancy and size in areas of little to no play.

Some companies provide golfers with smartwatches to track every shot hit and their location and also help them to get all their statistics in real-time.

Data analytics in today’s golf sport has become very important. As it gets complex with tighter margins, the data analytics integration with technology will continue to rise. Moreover, golfers seem to have accepted and understood and appear to embrace this growing technological revolution in the golf course.

As hybrid cloud solutions and big data analytics solutions become more persistent in sports revolutionizing how individuals and team function, tech firms are continuing to apply technology to track performance and statistics.

Final Thoughts

New systems and devices are improving data collection. Statistical analysis can help in creating new ways to play, train, and watch the sport with advanced details. Modern data analytics help golfer to examine their form exhaustively digital while highlighting areas where they can improve.

Therefore, whether you are an amateur or a top player, data is becoming a part of the modern golf game.

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