AI Paves the Way for a New Era of Electric Motorbikes

AI technology is playing a very important role in the growth of the electric motorbike market for the coming years.

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Big data has led to a lot of major changes in the automotive sector. These changes don’t just apply to regular sedans. They also apply to more niche vehicle markets, such as electric motorbikes. AI technology is leading a number of massive breakthroughs in this novel industry.

AI is Radically Changing the Future of Electric Motorbikes

Electric cars are nothing new, but AI technology has clearly impacted the market. With many car manufacturers following the lead of Tesla, the market has boomed over the years. Nowadays, electric cars are commonplace with an estimated 245,000 pure-electric cars on UK roads at the end of April 2021, and over 515,000 plug-in models. AI technology could help scale the growth of this cutting-edge industry.

While traditionally motorbikes have been slow to get up to speed with EVs, they are beginning to catch up. New advances in machine learning and other AI technology are playing a key role. With numerous manufacturers such as Harley Davidson and ZERO now pushing their electric bikes, it?s no surprise that they are proving to be ever popular.

Are electric motorbikes feasible?

Often electric motorbikes are faced with a great deal of skepticism. So how feasible is it to expect them to catch up with EVs? Can AI help make them more practical? Will AI technology make them more valuable, as it has already helped other facets of the automotive sector?

Whilst many riders love to listen to the sound of the exhaust as they speed down winding country roads, there is a place for electric motorbikes. With the electric batteries on the new era of motorbike, the acceleration is sharp and bar the noise, the main thrills of riding a bike remain.

While electric motorbikes are a relatively new offering, we are starting to slowly see a rise of people opting for electric bikes, so it seems the landscape is changing. AI technology can both help electric motorbike manufacturers project the direction of the market and adapt their technology to meet expectations.

Why are people hesitant when it comes to electric motorbikes?

Whilst electric motorbikes have their fans (after all who wouldn?t want a quiet, green and cheap to run bike?), there are a number of naysayers who just aren?t willing to make the change.

Firstly, there is the argument around the range not being long enough. Whilst many traditionalists doubt the range on electric bikes, technology has come on and most now come with a 250-mile range as standard. Some even stretch as far as 280-miles which can take on some of the best EVs!

Part of the thrill of riding a motorcycle is the speed and noise. Whilst electric motorbikes won?t offer much in the way of noise compared to the traditional petrol version, they do offer the same speed. Due to the electric battery, they can actually be a sharper ride and can reach speeds of up to 125mph, rivalling most petrol bikes.

AI Contributes to the Rise of Electric Motorbikes

AI technology has become invaluable to the automotive sector in recent years. Countless automobile manufacturers have found that AI technology helps them develop more reliable and cost-effective products. Manufacturers of electric motorbikes are no exception.

How much will AI contribute to the growth of this market? That is still difficult to predict exactly. According to statistics from the Motor Cycle Industry Association in 2020 there were 78% more new motorbike registrations, so the word is starting to spread within the motorbike world, and fast.

While is cannot be said for sure what is behind the rise of electric motorbikes, it is rumored to be connected to the March 2020 budget, where chancellor Rishi Sunak pledged to help support the electric motorcycle market to push past the relatively early stages of development.

Not only this, but riders in the UK can get £1,500 off the cost of a new electric bike. Whilst this may not be used exclusively for motorbikes (with mopeds making up the bulk of the new registrations), it?s a step in the right direction when it comes to electric adoption.

While there are sceptics doubting whether electric motorbikes will take off, it?s predicted that electric bikes will be here to stay and AI technology is contributing to the stability and growth of the market. If you?re looking to make the switch to an electric motorbike, don?t forget to get a comprehensive motorbike insurance policy made especially for electrical bikes.

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