7 Big Data Tools To Monitor Employee Performance

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Big data is shaping the workplace in fascinating ways. This is especially true with newer workplaces that focus on digital, remote teams. According to Big Data Made Easy, data technology has contributed both positive and negative changes to company workplaces.

How Big Data Technology is Changing the Workplace

In order to help employees, improve, it?s important to monitor their performance to identify strengths and weaknesses. Data analytics is essential for this in 2019. Employee growth is part of what makes hiring such a rewarding experience. You can watch qualified candidates rise through the ranks knowing you picked them for the job. Here are seven tools to help you monitor performance and make change where necessary.

1. Basecamp


is an internet-based platform that combines collaboration, management, and accountability on one easy-to-use interface. Basecamp acts as a central place for assigning projects and tasks, discussing details via messenger boards, writing to do lists, and more. When you?re tracking an employee?s performance, you need to also keep track of what they?ve been assigned and when the assignment is due. Basecamp makes the process easy by sending you notifications when projects are completed, assigned, or nearly due. It relies on sophisticated, data-driven deep learning algorithms to accomplish this. Overall, Basecamp is a great option for those businesses looking to keep track of their employees? performance and provide artificial intelligence collaboration tools. This platform has everything your team needs to complete tasks and stay accountable for their part of the project.

2. Pipedrive


?s slogan goes: ?We make salespeople unstoppable?, so you know right away that this site has something great to offer your team. This big data-based CRM system allows easy team management and individual performance tracking through its intuitive interface. The website boasts a user base of about 80,000 teams, with over 4 stars on every major review site, including G2 Crowd. With easy email integration, notifications and sales tracking, and availability on mobile devices, this app will help you make the most of your sales team.

3. TinyPulse


is a big data app that takes a different approach to monitoring employee performance. It?s quite easy to forget that employee performance can depend on the employee?s confidence and mental health. With Tinypulse, you?ll be able to get an idea of how your employees are feeling about their work. TinyPulse takes the form of a simple survey you can have your employees complete during the workday. It uses deep learning to get a better sense of their performance and offeres better insights. The app then provides detailed statistics about employee moods and feeling about their work. This can help you triangulate exact issues with projects or specific team members in a different way than through traditional sales numbers or performance reviews. Your team?s mental health will have a significant impact on their work. With Tinypulse, you can get an idea of how your team is feeling and be able to address issues early on. This shows that you care about more than just the employee?s contributions; you care about them as a person as well.

4. ConferenceCalling.Com

ConferenceCalling.com is a tool allows for meetings one on one with your employees. Conferencecalling.com uses big data to make conferences and meetings easier. Whether you?re using video conferencing to interview, or need to host a conference call with your entire team, the site has tools for you. With an international reach, you can host calls from anywhere in the world, or utilize the high-quality video conference service to get a more face-to-face feel.

5. Time Doctor

Time is money when it comes to business. The more time spent on a project, the more it costs in the end. That?s why Time Doctor was created, to help businesses like yours successfully manage the time your teams spend on projects. Time Doctor is very simple: you simply sign up, invite your team, and then go to the dashboard where employees can post what they?re working on, how long they?ve spent on it, and how much time is left until the due date.

6. Desk Time

Tracking your employee?s screen time can tell you whether or not they?re maximizing their time or simply browsing social media or shopping. Desk Time allows you to monitor and prioritize the apps and websites that your employees visit on a daily basis. By providing detailed insights into online activity, Desk Time uses big data to help you identify distractions and misuse of time. The internet can be distracting, especially during a long workday. Monitoring the use of it with Desk Time can ensure your employees aren?t spending too much time in the wrong place.

7. Trello


is a widely used and well-reviewed project management platform that uses big data for managing tasks and collaboration between team members. The intuitive interface makes tracking projects, meetings, and employee performance simple and effective. Trello can sync across all of your devices, meaning you can monitor employee performance from anywhere, at any time. Real-time updates help you make the most of your time while holding your team accountable for their part in the project. You can create checklists, to-do lists, invite people to the projects, and much more with Trello. The site is trusted by its users, receiving excellent reviews on TechRadar and Google. If you?re looking for performance software with an intuitive interface and simple tools, you?ve found it.

Always Start with Encouragement

Upon reviewing your employees? performance, you?ll probably want to meet with the ones who aren?t quite measuring up to the company standards. It?s important to remember that positive encouragement and feedback delivered before any negative feedback is the best way to get through. Employees want to know they?re appreciated. Let them know that although they?re not quite measuring up in one area, their efforts are valuable and they excel elsewhere. Let them know you?re there to help them succeed, and you?ll find your employees much more responsive to suggestions and advice.

Big Data is the Key to Bolstering Workplace Performance

The workplace is highly dependent on big data in this day and age. There are a lot of great reasons to invest in machine learning technology to get a better sense of your employee performance and make appropriate changes.

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