4 Big Data Strategies to Boost Engagement of Your Blog

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Big data is becoming more important in many businesses. The global market for big data was $189 billion last year and is expected to explode by 2022.

However, many smaller businesses aren’t relying on it as much as they should. Blogs are a prime example. You can use big data to get a lot more value from your blog and boost engagement.

Using Big Data to Engage with Your Target Readers

Attracting people to your blog and having constant traffic of visits will make you have more customers, sell better your ideas, and overall, make your business grow really fast.

This sounds really good, doesn’t it? Big data can be a huge help! If you are skeptical, Dataconomy has a great article on six ways big data is being used in digital marketing. Bloggers trying to grow their audience should take notice.

However, it doesn’t matter if your content is brilliant and appealing if you don’t have an audience that will read it, watch it, or click on your website, well, you won’t be able to have a successful business. Big data can be invaluable for helping you identify your target audience and zone in on them. Alexa.com and other tools use big data to identify demographics of various sites, which can help other sites refind their message better.

Drawing a large audience to your content is easily the hardest part about hosting a website, but you don’t have to worry any further.  I’m going to bring you the best tips about how to attract an audience to your website and achieve success, let’s get started. We will cover ways big data can help.

1. Quality Content and Regular Posts

Quality content and consistency are the most important factors that guarantee a successful business. Remember that you will always have competition, meaning that you have to show that your content is unique, original and better than others, you need to find your color.

It is extremely important to provide high-quality content, but it is also important to upload it regularly, that way you increase the level of trust your audience will have on your website knowing that they will be always provided with more new quality content.

Big data is great for finding content opportunities. Fatbit has a great article on this topic.

2. Social Media Marketing

We are in an era in which social media rules everything, absolutely everything, so, what better than that to use for your advantage?

By using social media you are automatically giving your website more exposure to new potential viewers and visitors. As you can see, you can use social media to let people come to you, however, you can also use it to reach an audience, locally, nationally and even internationally by promoting your content.

If you know your content well enough and the kind of audience you want to reach, then you can personalize your promotions and make them more appealing to your target.

Big data is great for social media marketing as well. You can use social media to identify your target, automate your content syndication and analyze the performance of various campaigns.

3. Monitor Competition

As mentioned before, you will always have competitors, websites that are offering the same or similar content as you. It is important to look and monitor what your competition is doing, that way you can improve your content and strategies immensely so at the end of the day, people will be more interested in your website and not your competitors’, who knows? you might even steal a couple of visitors.

For this tip I want to recommend a service that is going to help you just right, it’s called Spokeo, this is a service that will help you to do a search by name, phone number or email address and confidentially look for information about people you want to know about, in this case, that would be your competitors.

It is very simple to use, you can use a technique called the reverse number lookup, all you have to do is to find your competitors, google the type of content you provide and you will find different blogs and websites that talk about similar topics, those are your competitors.

Next, you can look for their phone number, if they don’t have any social network links then just use reverse phone lookup with Spokeo to find them, and that’s it! Take a look at their profiles, their content and take notes to improve yours.

Google Analytics and other big data tools make this much easier.

4. Promotion By Friends, Relatives, Business Partners

Sometimes people can feel weird about asking for favors, but believe it or not, this technique is really effective. You can ask your friends and family members to share your website so people they know can get access to your content, and that people can share it with more people and the chain goes on and on.

Also, you can ask your business partners or bloggers to exchange links so you can help to promote each other, helping both companies, you might be surprised at how incredibly this works.

Use Big Data to Grow Your Blog

And that’s it! Big data is invaluable for blog growth. Growing your business and drawing an audience to your website can be very hard at first, but if you use these big data tips I provided you with, you will have an immense audience and constant traffic going to your website really fast.

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