3 Reasons Call Center Software Integration Is a Must in 2019

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With the growing prevalence of technology, more and more businesses are beginning to integrate digital channels in their customer service models. Call centers know that a poor customer experience is all it takes to lose a customer forever, while consistent bad service can ruin the center?s reputation. In order to stand out from competitors, call center software integration is a necessary addition to your call center?s customer service approach. Read on to learn more.

Improve customer experience

Customer experience is crucial to the success of any call center. According to recent data, 75 percent of customers believe that humans provide the most effective customer service. However, 76 percent of those customers appreciate the option to interact through digital channels. Every business should provide web self-service, which allows customers and agents to access information and perform routine tasks independently over the internet. Digital channels, such as virtual agents and voice response units (VRUs), are also ideal for providing customers with tools to solve simple problems on their own. Investing in contact center integration is a great way to offer self-service and digital channels to your customers, which boosts customer satisfaction and expands your customer base. Contact center integration software can assist businesses by providing a library of tutorial videos, virtual agents, troubleshooting pages, and flowcharts for customers.

Invest in agents

Over 75 percent of companies allocate 90 percent of their contact operating budget toward the maintenance of existing processes and systems. Contact center software integration allows you to shift your focus toward improving agent support and enhancing your call center?s resources, which, in turn, allows your agents to interact more productively and effectively. Contact center software provides unified communications and collaboration (UCC) tools, including team collaboration applications. Team collaboration applications are a key resource for any call center, as they enable agents to agents to act using the collective intelligence of the entire business. Contact software integration features like IVR (interactive voice response) systems automatically route calls using dual-tone-multi-frequency (DTMF) tones on the phone keypad. IVRs perform mundane and monotonous tasks, creating more time for agents to focus on helping individual customers with complex issues. Enabling agents to devote more attention toward individuals, rather than rushing through each interaction in the queue, will further boost customer satisfaction levels. Workforce management (WFM) features enable call centers to promote optimal productivity among agents on individual, departmental, and entity-wide levels. WFM has the ability to determine and provide schedules, forecasting, and adherence to the workforce in future events.

Consistent quality control

Investing in contact center software integration allows your business to maintain consistent quality control. Certain companies offer contact center software equipped with a built-in knowledge base, which helps maintain training levels and the consistency of replies throughout your entire team. In addition, the knowledge base provides tools for assessing agent performance, such as routing, reporting, quality management, coaching, and surveys. These knowledge bases can also supply you with key business insights through features like incremental revenue analysis, interactive voice responses, issue tracking, and the longest delay in the queue. Utilizing the features of the built-in knowledge base helps to highlight areas where your call center needs to improve and ensures a high-quality customer experience across all levels. Growing expectations from customers require companies to rise and meet them. According to Forrester, 20 percent of CEOs will fail to adapt their customer service approach to meet heightened customer expectations in the digital age. As a result, those businesses will likely be overtaken by competitors or begin to perish. All in all, call center software integration is paramount to securing the success of your business.

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