2012 Research Predictions (The NGMR Twiteratti – Part 1)

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Last week I put out the word that I was looking for a few industry predictions for 2012. As it turns out response was so great (Looks like I’ve already received over 50) that I’ve decided to break them out into multiple posts.

Last week I put out the word that I was looking for a few industry predictions for 2012. As it turns out response was so great (Looks like I’ve already received over 50) that I’ve decided to break them out into multiple posts.

Today I’m posting the 2012 predictions from the “#NGMR Twiteratti”, those 20 who responded most quickly with their predictions. If you sent me a prediction and don’t see it here please check back during the week as I continue this series.

Neuroscience will slow down even more and another neuro company [other than Emsense] will go belly-up…[i.e.] any of the facial coding businesses

Mike Rodenburgh
VP Product Development
Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange

Social Media Research is not just qual! 2012 will see at least 5 prominent case studies on the use of predictive models based on social media data mining

Jeffrey Henning
CMO Affinnova

A continued convergence of marketing and market research, or as I like to say a cross pollination of the two disciplines. I believe that buyers are going to look for more research opportunities within their marketing activities to reduce costs. Seeing it with online communities already, but I also think that the online consumer is more available to be engaged…That and the collapse of ESOMAR

Derek Sawchuk
Senior Community Consultant at Passenger

For political/public affairs research which I do: More MROC using Facebook platform & more experimentation w/ social media methodologies. Also figuring out how to conduct political research (frequent, short) on mobile. Creating panel of voters willing to engage

Christine Matthews
President, Bellwether Research

Valuable insights in analyzing collective data from multiple sources – traditional, payment, social media, qualitative

Jason Ebbing
Director, Data Services at MRSI

(1) The research companies who find ways to leverage and incorporate existing data/knowledge with their primary data collection skills will flourish
(2) Increased demand for short, digestible and creative ways of presenting information to assist in getting insights ‘out there’ –
video & design skills
(3) Qualitative recruitment about finding the ’sharp point’ rather than the representative – tight specs, creative, and category engaged
(4) Diversification of methods used to engage qualitatively. Mobile before the group, video, online + face-2-face to get a fuller picture of the consumer

Victoria Gamble
Founder & Researcher

1. In a year of the US election I predict a revolution in political polling techniques driven by mobile research and social media analytics
2. We will see the emergence of some new breeds of tracking studies more game like in nature
3. Some neuro science techniques will hit the high street
4. Will see a raft of new sexier text analytics techniques hitting the headlines

Jon Puleston
VP Innovation at GMI

2012 will be the year market research begins to see the power of geolocation apps. We no longer will rely on reported behavior…with online qual we now can know how and why. With geolocation we will know where the decision takes place

Jim Longo
VP Marketing

Folks will become more savvy in their social media monitoring to uncover unmet consumer needs, deeper understanding of brand meanings, and profitable attitudinal linkages to use in marketing their brands

Angela Hausman
Associate Professor of Marketing
Howard University

Social media is going to be integrated in more quantitative research by informing attributes, messaging, etc. I think the traditional quant tracker could get a serious face lift with SM integration

Blythe Gridley McLean
Account Manager
Bellomy Research

In becoming more savvy, researchers will take a more purposeful approach to social media listening. Social media analysis has some excellent applications but it’s not appropriate for all product categories/brands and research objectives. I predict there will be less hype in 2012…

Cathy Lanigan Harrison
Social Media Research Manager
Chadwick Martin Bailey

Blurring of line between MR and management consultancy. At least for the highly paid MR professionals

Archana Gidwani
Chief Of Global Insights and Brand Strategy
Breakthrough Insights

Uptake in unique, opt-in behavioral tracking, like consumer RFID tags. Not merely in-store shopping but across stores (malls), experiences (tourist destinations), trade shows, etc.

Susan Brudvig
Marketing Professor
Ball State University

Text Analytics reads between the lines: Not only will advances in text analytics increase the efficacy of this approach, but look for text analytics to also emerge as a game changer in both online search and big data analytics. Processing power, depth and width of analysis protocols, and access to a vast corpus will dictate the winners and losers in this race. Simple sentiment analysis and sampling of limited data channels will be overwhelmed by the ability to apply multiple algorithms to gain different levels of insight from text, including emotional affect. The application within research will be profound; applying text analytics to communities, group transcripts, social discourse, CRM data, EFM platforms, survey verbatims, etc.. will just be the start: the merging of unstructured with structured data sets with other data models will be utterly transformative to many industries, but especially to market research

Lenny Murphy

MROCs will go mainstream, everybody will start offering them in a certain way…

Tom De Ruyck
Head of Research Communities
Insites Consulting

1. Brand positionings will make their way into more messaging as marketing goes into more communications channels.
2. Content marketing will have a place in more marketing plans, especially B2B.
3. The phrase, “have we optimized this program for mobile,” will be used with greater frequency.
4. More measurement tools that claim to provide some equivalency for social media versus traditional media will be available
5. Brand marketers will increase the use of video for their content.
6. Companies will be looking to build brand communities in a variety of places, but more for marketing than market research
7. The shopper decision process will be dissected in greater detail both online and in-store
8. More quantification tools to measure the influence of social media recommendations will be made available.
9. Mobile apps will reach a saturation point
10. Data management will reach a tipping point with too much data to manage and not enough resources and budget to allocate to it

Rob Petersen
President and Founder

In 2012, I predict we’ll see a call for more reliable and valid nontraditional methodologies. Sure researchers are using games and apps, but I believe clients will want more scientific backing for anything that goes beyond “traditional” market research. Look for a rise in gamification, savvier social media analytics and unique consumer feedback opportunities.

Of course, these may all take a back seat if we spend the majority of the year trying to find the rest of the Mayan calendar…

Tait J. Martin, Ph.D.,
President & Chief iNSiGHT Officer
The iNSiGHT Cooperative

In 2012 we will learn the answer to life, the universe and everything, but it will be immediately dissmissed because it came from a survey. (apologies to Doug Adams)

Rick Hobbs
National Board of Directors

A big thanks to everyone who responded so far!

Remember to check back again as I post more of the predictions – hopefully by category. Of course please feel free to post your own prediction here or comment on any agree or disagree with.



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