The Internet of Things (IOT) can be referred as networks of physical objects that are embedded with electronics, sensors, software and network interconnectivity that enables data collection and exchange. IOT creates integrations between computer-based systems and physical world, by allowing the objects to be sensed and controlled through existing network infrastructure. The technology encompasses smart homes, smart grids, smart cities, and intelligent transportation. Many companies are still in the early stage of IOT adoption. However, by looking at already working IOT strategies, business managers might reconsider adopting the application to grow their business internally.

How IoT applications can help businesses

A company may choose to employ on web tracking of customer's behaviors. On web navigations, patterns concerning the type of clients, the devices they are using, and other relevant data can be aggregated to form a complete picture. This can enrich forecast and marketing analysis. IOT application can also be used to identify dangerous websites. They allow system administrators to track machines internet site visited by organization computers, and they can uncover harmful sites. This cut-down exposure to risky to virus and malware introduction.

In addition, IOT applications can be applied to facilitate monitoring. This includes devices such as temperature thermostat that can be deployed remotely as part of facility maintenance and energy conservation. Moreover, devices with a sensor that communicate with a computer system can be placed on infrastructure materials and machines such as bridges and railroads, to monitor the health of various components and issue out alerts whenever components are compromised. The technology can enable proactive maintenance before failure is recorded.

Business items and the asset can be tracked from the start to the end using IOT application central system. Transportation industry deploys sensors to moving trucks and components that are being transported. This enabled organization supply chain to stay on track, and eliminates theft of goods in remote areas since management has full visibility of where shipments are at any particular time. Besides, shipping containers holding perishable goods can be controlled by sensors that issues alerts whenever humidity or temperature exceed a particular level. Also, whenever seal or containers are tampered, sensors issues alert to the real-time centralized system thus enabling the situation to be remedied.

Many commercial vendors employ GPS data aggregates and IOT application to drive meaningful information. It allows them to pull demographic data, pictorial data, infrastructure data and other types of data that can be pinned to geographic locations.

How IT professionals need to set network monitoring solutions

High-performance network forms a fundamental requirement for IOT functioning infrastructure in any organization. To ensure smooth business running, all system need to run without failure including internal and external communication with IOT applications, this call for practical IOT network monitoring solutions. There are many free options for network monitoring solutions available, including open source software. Several factors, besides the cost, should be considered in decision making. This includes a given infrastructures and characteristic of a potential solution.

The most networks problem arise from something changing, thus, the best network monitoring solutions do not only alert users about changes but help to troubleshoot the problem by comparing network state and how it was before changes occurred. Most proactive network monitoring solutions issue alerts via text or email—these enable the user to address the issue as quickly as possible.

IOT applications use different networks. However, there are four fundamental areas that every network monitoring solution should be able to address: it should monitor PC hardware and others supplies, this includes issuing alerts whenever there is a change in a network device, whenever device loses connectivity, or whenever disks are removed or added. It should be able to monitor software regarding installed and uninstalled programs. Monitor web traffic considering that various networks use various bandwidths and can switch and accidentally override other networks. In addition, it should be able to keep track of IT services information such software and contract expiration date.

All and all, businesses should pursue IoT applications to help their business grow from within as well as impact their respective industry and consumer base.