Your customers are constantly sending information about themselves out onto the web - they're blogging, tweeting, uploading links and photos, and interacting in social networks, building a mountain of unstructured data that has useful implications for your business. But how can you employ these heaps of data in order to achieve real business goals? How can you use this information to button-hole customers, establish relationships with them, and line them up for the perfect product or service? Join Stephen Baker, Joe Hughes, Mike Breitenbeker, and Marc Schroeder as they answer these questions and many more.

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About the Panel:

Stephen Baker, author of The Numerati, is a journalist based in the the New York area. He spent 20 years writing for Businessweek, prior to which he was a reporter for the El Paso Herald-Post and the Daily Journal. While at BusinessWeek, Baker wrote cover stories on blogs, the data analysis of social networks, and Google's cloud computing. He blogs at and is on Twitter @stevebaker.

Joe Hughes is a senior executive in Accenture’s Global Systems Integration practice and leads the Global Customer Service and Support and Integrated Desktop Offerings for Accenture's Electronics and High Tech industry group. Joe specializes in Voice of the Customer analysis and the service applications of Social CRM.

Mike Breitenbeker is Manager of EDW Applications with, responsible for application administration and development to creatively meet the needs of a dynamic business. Prior to joining, Mike worked as the CRM manager and certification database DBA for Novell Worldwide Training Services. Mike holds the Teradata Master Certification.


Marc Schroeder is Vice President of Teradata’s Customer Management Marketing Solutions team, and a strategic marketing veteran who has specialized in developing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for companies around the world. Marc has worked on both the vendor-consulting side and the client-user side the CRM field, and has led CRM strategic initiatives for a number of Fortune 500 companies.