Big data use is only growing, with businesses realizing that their options are to jump on the craze or find themselves in an uphill battle against those utilizing the faster and more accurate information. However, with the next generation of entrepreneurs stepping onto the playing field, they’re doing more than just joining the craze – they’re innovating it. Rather than simply using the advantages already present, driving big data to grow, they’re pushing forward and transforming the way data is accessed and used.

With new minds at the helm, big data is driving to a new, creative level. You can see it all around you, in the small notifications you press on your phone, in the marketing campaign you play into on your social media account, and even in the accessories you wear. In what ways are business owners evolving big data?

1. Melding Structured and Unstructured Data

Since the beginning of big data, businesses have been trying to find more – despite there being such overwhelming amounts now. The idea is to not only have data but have updated and current information on customers where it counts, and by analyzing and implementing the results, businesses can get ahead. However, the modern generation of entrepreneurs are pushing big data to be even more than that; by melding their structured data with unstructured data gathered from other businesses, they are able to both have access to more information but also compare the two to come to the information that really counts, faster. This has created a call for more outsourced data and the businesses to create it. And more than that, it has encouraged many to seek out more advanced data analytic experts, software, and tools (like what is flash storage) to speed up the process.

2. Utilizing Social Media

When you place a Google search, visit a website, or buy something online, this is the data that businesses are gathering in the masses. However, while businesses have accepted and implemented this resource, the younger generation of business minds have set out to find data where it really counts – where people tell the most valuable information but in the most unstructured manner: social media. Businesses have been using social media to do more than gather information into a pool; they’ve geared their accounts, approaches, and marketing efforts to receive the feedback they need and encourage customers to engage in online activities that offer the most valuable data to them. The younger generation is not only taking advantage of the data that’s there, but tailoring the field itself to serve big data the best.

3. Utilizing and Improving Apps for Big Data

Though coming in second, using tablet and phone apps as a means of gaining information about users is a business tactic that more and more are taking advantage of. This has lead to the most unsuspected businesses creating apps of their own, and the modern generation is taking it a step further. More than just offering an app and accepting what data can be found, young entrepreneurs are offering incentives and advantages to customers who give them more data. Frequenting an app more often, offering personal information, and, depending on the app, updating it with their activities, businesses now have a closer look at how they can best serve their customers and tailor their efforts.

4. Big Data Wearables

You may look at wearable technology and see it as the next step in convenience and ease, but for the modern generation of business owners, it’s a prime example of big data’s achievement. The data gathered from a smartwatch allows businesses to not only know your habits and places that you frequent, but also which features are more appreciated and which are less used – which is data they can analyze to improve your general experience but also make leaps and forecast where these trends and tastes may lead you, so they can offer the best service in an unrelated field. Businesses offering their own brands of wearables or more plain designs not only get in on the wearable hype, but take full and creative advantage of what big data is offering.

In the big ways and the small, young entrepreneurs are adjusting the way big data is implemented, but also how it’s gathered and used. With other technologies such as the cloud coming to aid the ascent, and more in development, it’s fair to say that the use of big data is becoming more and more creative.