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The Healthy Data Revolution – How Biometrics Impact our Life & Fitness

A middle-aged man calls out to his wife “Are you ready yet, Anne? The wedding starts in 30 minutes, and the road to the church is closed for construction. The detour will take longer”.His wife responds, “Just a moment Frank, just checking my blood...

Posted January 3, 2017    

The Analytics Software Learning Curve – How Steep Should You Go?

There are a few different, and sometimes opposing forces in analytics software which make the process of evaluating, purchasing, implementing and using BI software products a complex process. The rapid pace of unstructured and structured data growth...

Posted November 10, 2016    

5 Reasons Mobile BI Adoption is on the Rise

Executives and managers who travel frequently are often called upon to give business performance data on the spot. They might be in an airport in Europe, a hotel in Hong Kong or a customer site in Oklahoma. Technology media pundits have questioned...

Posted July 8, 2016