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The Smart Data Lake Imperative

The seismic restructuring of data-driven practices triggered by the dawning of big data is best understood retrospectively. Suddenly, organizations were contending with myriad data structures, formats, and distributed, geographical data source...

Posted March 17, 2017    

Understanding the Evolution from Relationship Databases to Semantic Graph Databases

In the ever-changing world of computing and data analytics, organizations are increasingly overcoming the technological constraints that come with the “data age” by transitioning from relational databases to graph databases.The relational model was...

Posted December 13, 2016    

The Benefits of Semantic-Based Data Modeling in the Smart Data Lake Era

The driving force behind enterprise data analytics today is obtaining valuable insights more quickly from large, diverse data sets. A key issue blocking easier access for data scientists, business analysts and IT has been finding an alternative to...

Posted October 18, 2016    

Are Smart Data Lakes the Answer to Data Warehouses?

A phenomenal shift has occurred over the past few years in the enterprise data world. The ubiquitous data warehouses – the foundation for business intelligence and data discovery for several decades – are now becoming obsolete due to the emergence...

Posted August 2, 2016    

How Smart Data Lakes are Revolutionizing Enterprise Analytics

As the quantity and diversity of relevant data grows within and outside of the enterprise, business users and IT are struggling to extract maximum value from this data. Fortunately, recent developments in big data technologies have significantly...

Posted June 3, 2016    

Five Key Benefits of Retiring Legacy Applications to the Data Lake

With its promise to transform data management and analytics by providing access to all data across the enterprise, the data lake is quickly becoming more than just an industry buzzword. Unlike traditional data warehouses, which have frequently...

Posted April 6, 2016