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Hadoop to Be Pervasive By 2015

Gartner projects that by 2015, 65% of packaged analytic applications with advanced analytics will come with Hadoop embedded. Sounds rational, logical, and realistic to me. Here is more from their 24 January 2013 release on the topic:“New business...

Posted February 10, 2013    

Energy Department Announces New SunShot Projects to Harness the Power of Big Data

By BobGourleyEditor’s note: The following announcement from the Department of Energy provides context on a potentially very virtuous use of advanced data analysis capabilities to help solve real-world challenges regarding energy costs in the US....

Posted February 1, 2013    

Big Data Defined for 2013: A Definition That Can Help in Your Interaction with the IT Community

By BobGourleyWe have previously written about the importance of discipline in terms of art like Big Data. There are plenty of indications that more discipline and rigor is required on how we use the term. To date, our key message has been that it is...

Posted December 31, 2012    

CTOvision Big Data Reporting for 2012

By BobGourleyThis special report provides insights from a our reporting over the last 12 months, including summaries of our Government Big Data Newsletter (sign up for this weekly report here

Posted December 28, 2012    

Cloud Front Group Capabilities Featured in Geospatial Intelligence Forum

By BobGourleyThe Geospatial Intelligence Forum highlighted the capabilities of the Cloud Front Group in an assessment titled “Analysis for Action”This piece highlights the importance of well engineered systems to extract and move the right...

Posted December 22, 2012    

The Principles of Enterprise Technology

By BobGourley“Consider a principle as a basic generalization that is accepted as true and that can be used as a basis for reasoning or conduct.”  With those words we began the first post here at CTOvision over five years ago.Since then we have...

Posted December 11, 2012    

Winner of the 2012 Government Big Data Solutions Award

The Government Big Data Solutions Award was established to highlight innovative solutions and facilitate the exchange of best practices, lessons learned and creative ideas for addressing Big Data challenges. The Top Five Nominees of 2012...

Posted November 25, 2012    

CTOlabs White Paper on Model-Enabled Analysis: Factors for Evaluation

By, a subsidiary of the technology research, consulting and services firm Crucial Point LLC and a peer site of, has just announced a white paper on the advanced analytical construct known as “ ...

Posted November 9, 2012    

Embracing and Communicating Uncertainty: Model Enabled Analysis and a Modeler’s Hippocratic Oath

By BobGourleyEditor’s Note: The piece below was written by Dan Bouk at AmericanScience and is reprinted here with his permission. The context on models is applicable across multiple domains, and the Modelers’ Hippocratic Oath cited here is one...

Posted November 5, 2012    

Mike Olson‘s Keynote at the 2012 Hadoop World/Strata Conference in NYC.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” said Carl Sagan. This inspiring quote is a tremendous mantra for those in the Big Data movement and it played a central organizing theme to Mike Olson‘s keynote at the 2012 Hadoop...

Posted October 29, 2012    

TechAmerica Foundation Publishes Guide on Big Data for Governments

The TechAmerica Foundation is a non-profit (501c3), non-partisan resource and voice for the US technology industry. They have a tremendous reputation for encouraging industry-wide collaboration and for disseminating concepts, ideas and well...

Posted October 4, 2012    

Who Is Winning the Real Cyber War?

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind,” said Sir Winston Churchill at Harvard University in 1943. He frequently spoke of humanity’s minds in descriptions of the future and this is such an important point. It is our brains that give...

Posted October 2, 2012