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WEF Davos 2016: Top 100 CEO bloggers

Just about a week ago we discussed how well WEF Davos manages to engage and dialogue with its audience on social media, such as its blog (WEF Davos 2016: Talk is cheap). Incidentally, we have had a bunch of posts about WEF Davos that you...

Posted January 24, 2016    

Coca-Cola’s New Marketing Map: Is It Better?

 This blog entry focuses on two issues:What went wrong with Coke’s social media marketing?How can Coke get more bang for fewer bucks?The nadir of Coca-Cola’s disconnect with fans and readers is its millions of Likes, which often...

Posted February 24, 2014    

Business Analytics: Best Practices for Success

 Benchmark & compare your WordPress Blog - How good are you? - My ComMetricsDo you love research? Do you know how best to manage big data for your organization?Business analytics is a great methodology, but you need to use the tools...

Posted October 3, 2012    

Facebook: Why is Nobody Listening?

  Summary:  One headline this week read, Procter & Gamble would lay off 1,600 after discovering that advertising on Facebook is free. But how many of your 2000 fans bother to take part in the conversation? Less than half a...

Posted February 5, 2012