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What Will We Call Big Data in 2015?

 It is pretty much agreed now that the “big” in big data is a relative term. If the volumes of accessible, usable, actionable data continue to grow at current rates, then big data will be big for years to come. But it probably won’t. Going back...

Posted July 24, 2012    

Analytics: Not About Saving Time

 We hear a lot these days about how analytics can accelerate a calculation that used to take ten hours and do it in six minutes. For me, this is a very poor argument for analytics. After all, is an analyst going to stare at a screen for ten...

Posted July 20, 2012    

Decision Services, Watson and Cognitive Computing

When James Taylor and I wrote the book “Smart (Enough) Systems: How to Gain Competitive Advantage by Automating Hidden Decisions,” we focused mainly on those kinds of decisions that are managed by a “decision service.” A decision service is an...

Posted July 19, 2012    

BI Is Dead! Long Live BI!

Posted July 18, 2012    

The Fallacy of the Data Scientist Shortage

 There is no question that the USA (in fact, most of the world) would be well-served with more quantitatively capable people to work in business and government. However, the current hysteria over the shortage of data scientists is overblown. To...

Posted April 1, 2012    

What Is a Data Scientist (and What Isn't)?

The perception among organizations over the past five years is that more quantitative methods, with or without Big Data, are critical to success. The problem is that most commercial organizations have little to no depth in these disciplines. On the...

Posted February 17, 2012