Cloud computing is quickly being adopted by various different industry segments, but most sales are focused on passive online marketing techniques. Independent contractors are becoming preferred sales representatives for top tech companies that provide these kinds of services. Those who are interested in job opportunities have several different models to choose from.

Cloud Software Sold Offline

Microsoft and IBM both sell on-demand software through independent partners. Individual sales representatives act as independent contractors for the two companies and sell SaaS technology to consumers who need it. These sales representatives are people who previously worked in the industries that they're selling the software to, and therefore have a better understanding of consumer needs than corporate officials might have.

Both companies also have regular retail and trade show distribution channels, but the vast majority of cloud vendors sell software directly to customers. It's getting to the point where retail sales of these types of software solutions might be discontinued in favor of a new emphasis on direct sales. This provides an opportunity for people who want to own their own operation.

Regional Distribution Model

There are many excellent examples of what some industry analysts are referring to as a regional distribution model for selling these kinds of services. The companies use multi-level marketing (MLM) techniques to provide consumers with energy, television, telecommunications and other services provided by their corporate partners.

Actual sales are made through groups of independent sales agents the company refers to as "Independent Business Owners" that receive all the benefits of owning their own business while receiving an existing business plan to profit from. This allows analysts to operate in a number of different countries without having an expensive physical plant in any of them. Small businesses or independent business owners should have call management solutions especially if there are a stream of calls coming in.

Programs like those additionally feature training seminars to ensure that personnel are ready to actually sell a product. That training is often costly if received through more traditional channels, which is another reason why these types of companies are able to attract so many people.

How Individuals can Benefit

Cloud computing isn't new, but many industries are discovering the advantages that it provides for the very first time. Managers in those industries need informed sales personnel that can inform them as well as sell them software solutions. People with a background in technology who are interested in MLM sales have plenty of opportunities to choose from if they want to go into business for themselves.