We bring you more in our series ‘101 Most Ridiculous IT Service Requests’.

Due to popular demand – sincerest thanks, both of you – LinuxIT, the leading name in Open Source for enterprise, returns with even more ridiculous IT service desk requests.

Further proof, if further proof was needed, that even when technology comes a knocking, for some people the lights may be on, but nobody's home.


Even More Ridiculous IT Service Desk Requests


22.  User: "My mouse has stopped working."

Helpdesk: "Is it an optical or ball mouse?"

User: "Sorry?"

Helpdesk: "Does it have a ball or light?"

User: "There's a light on top."

Helpdesk: "On top?"

User: "Yes. It was underneath before, but I like it better on top."

Helpdesk: "Right. Could you turn it around so the light's pointing down at the desk?"

User: "Okay... Oh! Great! It works!"

23. User: "I've just had my line enabled for broadband, but there is no difference in it!"

Helpdesk: "Sorry to hear that. What speed are you getting?"

User: "Speed? What do you mean?"

Helpdesk: "The download speed on your computer?"

User: "I don't own a computer, nor have I any interest in owning one. What's that got to do with my broadband?"

Helpdesk: "Broadband is high-speed internet. What did you think it was for?"

User: "I thought it improved the quality of voice calls... I did wonder why you'd sent me this black box and all these wires."

24. User: "Is there a spray I can get for my computer?"

Helpdesk: "Excuse me?"

User: "A spray? One I can squirt the inside of my computer with."

Helpdesk: "Do you mean compressed air?"

User: "Does that kill the viruses?"

Helpdesk: "... You mean like a disinfectant? For computer viruses?"

User: "Yes! That would do the trick."

Helpdesk: "I'm sorry, sir. There's nothing like that available. Viruses are just a name we give to malicious software. We use 'virus' because it explains how the software behaves."

User: "Oh... so no spray then?"

Helpdesk: "No."

25. User: "I password protected an important document and now I can't remember the password."

Helpdesk: "Okay. We have a program that can get passwords from Word documents. Can you email it to me?"

User: "No, it's very sensitive. That's why it was password protected. I don't even keep the file on the server. I keep it secure on a memory stick."

Helpdesk: "It would be safer if you kept it on the server. At least on the server it would be backed up each night."

User: "That's exactly what I don't want to happen. For legal reasons, I can't have any copies of this file. I need you to come down here and get the password for me."

Helpdesk: "I'm in a different office to you, so I'll have to send someone to help you out."

User: "Have them call ahead so I can notify security."

Helpdesk: "Security? That won't be necessary. We've all signed non-disclosure agreements."

User: "It will be necessary! This is a very sensitive document and I can't have anybody near it without security."

Helpdesk: "Okay. I'll make sure they call ahead and bring the software so they can retrieve the password you forgot."

User: "I didn't forget it!"

Helpdesk: "Sorry?"

User: "I'd no need to remember it."

Helpdesk: "What do you mean?"

User: "The password was written on a post-it note attached to the memory stick and must've fallen off. It's somewhere on my desk, but there's so many papers here I can't find it!"

26. Helpdesk: "Okay, you should now see a small dialog box on your desktop."

User: "I don't see any box on my desktop."

Helpdesk: "Are you sure? It'll be a small window with an 'OK' button in the middle."

User: "How can a window be in my desktop?"

Helpdesk: "Sorry... what are you looking at?"

User: "My desktop, like you said. There's no box on it, just the computer. I do have a small window at the top of my wall though, but I don't see anything that says 'OK'."


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