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Cloud Managed Services Provider (MSP) Is it really about services or winning customer trust?

August 24, 2016 by Alakh Verma

            We have entered the era of outcome economy, or it would be appropriate to say that we are slowly entering the era of consumer trust economy. We can conclude that customers across the industry are shying away from paying for products or services. Consumers are willing to sign on the outcome,...[read more]


IBM Study Shows Big Data Improves Food Safety

August 22, 2016 by Sean Mallon

Food safety is a very serious concern for every restaurant manager. Contamination or an outbreak can jeopardize the health of their customers, which can threaten your reputation, lead to regulatory fines or even get your business shut down by the state health department. Fortunately, new technology helps restaurants and their suppliers...[read more]


How listening to our cars will improve the driving experience

August 21, 2016 by Mahbubul Alam

Smart technology is already being used in cars, but we're just at the very beginning.  It’s a given that Over-the-Air  (OTA) software updates for both drivers and automotive OEMs will be an integral part of new cars. The total vehicles predicted to have OTA map updates for example will exceed 32 million by 2022.  New code...[read more]


Big Data and the Evolution of Supply Chain Planning

August 17, 2016 by Andrew Armstrong

A look at how Big Data analytics are helping companies to overcome some of their biggest supply chain challenges, especially those related to shorter product lifecycles and rapid scaling.[read more]


Rethinking Big Data’s Usability

August 16, 2016 by Josh Knauer

Big Data is supposed to make its mark on the world. But how can its impact be achieved if Big Data remains inaccesible for most business professionals? It's time to rethink the way professionals engage data.[read more]


This is Why UX Design and Big Data Need Each Other

August 16, 2016 by Ellie Martin

In the digital age, there’s been a relentless decline in businesses that run on instinct. These days, it seems that all businesses talk about is “Big Data” and how to analyze huge amounts of information to boost their business. The entrepreneur is no longer a pioneer, but a researcher. Why take a guess when you can analyze the data...[read more]


Should You Move Your Business to the Cloud?

August 14, 2016 by Richard Smith

More and more business owners are moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud. The benefits are numerous: reduced It costs, reduced energy consumption, better efficiency in collaboration, scalability, and automatic updates. But maintaining the security of valuable business and client data is still paramount to avoiding data loss or...[read more]


AWS IoT Button: Introduction

August 13, 2016 by Mihai Corbuleac

Did you heard about the AWS IoT button? Anyone who has basic programming skills can easily test out different IoT applications and create their own through the IoT button. Create the AWS IoT resources, configure your button and count items, call/text someone, start/stop a process, etc.[read more]


Hollywood looking at big data to find the next big hit

August 12, 2016 by Melissa Thompson

Through mining consumer blogs, social media posts, and file downloads, streaming companies and producers learn what themes, writers and actors they need to combine in order to maximize their chances of success.[read more]


4 Disastrous Big Data Mistakes Your Brand is making

August 11, 2016 by Sean Mallon

Sun Tsu once said, “every battle is won before it is ever fought.” He was referring to the importance of information, which is a crucial asset on both the battlefield and the business world. In the 21st century, big data is the commodity that brands rely on to compete.Big data is incredibly valuable, but many brands don’t know how to...[read more]


How to Develop your Strategy Using Data Analytics

August 11, 2016 by Mohammad Farooq

The main reason many companies fail to capitalize on such analytics is the flaw of asking ‘What can they do for your business’ when the questions executives and managers should be asking is ‘How do you use best data analytics and towards what goal?’ This is why it’s important to develop a strategy but, how do you develop your strategy using data analytics?[read more]


5 Ways Big Data Is Going to Change Over the Next Decade

August 9, 2016 by Larry Alton

Big data has become a popular topic, particularly in the business community. It’s become a buzzword in its own right, but it also describes an entire category of advancements in the world of data collection and interpretation. Though to many, the idea of “big data” is still fuzzy, countless developers are pouring their efforts and resources into advancing our collective big data capabilities. The future of big data is a bright one, with lots of potential, but how exactly will big data change in the next decade?[read more]


4 Benefits of Big Data for Ecommerce Owners and Shoppers

August 8, 2016 by Abdullahi Muhammed

In the scope of ecommerce, big data analysis is the collection of large amounts of information in order to determine shopping patterns and insights about customer behavior. Using big data has a lot of added benefits for both the seller and consumer.[read more]


Five Ways Self-Service Data Prep Empowers Excel Users

August 5, 2016 by Jon Pilkington

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used business intelligence and reporting tools. More than just a spreadsheet, Excel allows users to collect and integrate data for critical analysis and reporting. It’s easy to use, readily available as part of the Microsoft Office solution suite and provides users with the ability to perform...[read more]


6 Ways Big Data is Entering the World of Video Marketing

August 5, 2016 by Abdullahi Muhammed

Learn how companies are using big data to help improve video marketing strategies and to learn how to improve consumer experiences.[read more]


How is Big Data Changing the Tourism Industry?

August 4, 2016 by Sean Mallon

Research from the World Travel and Tourism Council shows big data is transforming the global tourism industry. According to the WTTC whitepaper, some of the changes are beneficial to the industry, while others are discouraging some people from traveling.[read more]


Potentially Disruptive Digital Trends: Will There Be Any Big Data without Artificial Intelligence?

August 3, 2016 by Ioana Sima

Did you know that there are 4.4 zettabytes of data on the internet? This enormous amount of data is still being handled by IT workers. By 2020 this amount will increase tenfold and traditional means of handling digital information will no longer suffice. Find out how artificial intelligence will help big data:[read more]


Are Smart Data Lakes the Answer to Data Warehouses?

August 2, 2016 by Sean Martin

A phenomenal shift has occurred over the past few years in the enterprise data world. The ubiquitous data warehouses – the foundation for business intelligence and data discovery for several decades – are now becoming obsolete due to the emergence of data lakes. While both data warehouses and data lakes have their pros and cons, a new era of ‘smart’ data lakes based on semantic technology is emerging that can reduce the disadvantages of either, creating a clear path for the industry.[read more]


4 Ways Your Digital Business Can Benefit From Big Data

August 1, 2016 by Rehan Sheikh

Big data invokes in people both awe and distrust. Collection of big data has gained a bad reputation in recent times thanks to NSA spying revelations. However, big data is really the backbone of how modern business is conducted. Thanks to technology, companies have access to more data about their customers than ever. Carefully analyzing...[read more]


Is Hyper Converged Infrastructure Right For Your Organization

July 28, 2016 by Anand Srinivasan

If you are looking for a system that is relatively cheap, quicker to deploy and is highly reliable, then the module-based hyper-converged systems are quite ideal for your requirements.[read more]