A quick heads-up that I'll be presenting another brand-new webinar on Thursday next week (November 29). In Real-time Big Data Analytics: From Deployment to Production, I'll review the process of making predictive models work in real-live operational environments. I'll also tackle those ubiquitous buzz-words "real-time" and "big data", and the fact that they can mean very different things in different parts of the process. Here's the talk description:

Real-time Big Data Analytics: From Deployment to Production

As the Big Data market has evolved, the focus has shifted from data operations (storage, access and processing of data) to data science (understanding, analyzing and forecasting from data). And as new models are developed, organizations need a process for deploying analytics from research into the production environment. In this talk, we'll describe the five stages of real-time analytics deployment:

  • Data distillation
  • Model development
  • Model validation and deployment
  • Model refresh
  • Real-time model scoring

We'll review the technologies supporting each stage, and how Revolution Analytics software works with the entire analytics stack to bring Big Data analytics to real-time production environments.

I'll be taking live questions at the end of the talk, and you can register your seat at the link below.

Revolution Analytics Webinars: Real-time Big Data Analytics: From Deployment to Production