R user Josh Reich, who we've featured here on the blog before, is also the CEO and co-founder of the new user-friendly bank, Simple. (Confidential to Josh -- still waiting on my invite...). So it's no suprise that Simple's logo is rendered using the R language:

wave <- function (a, R, p, w) {
    x <- (0.5 + 0.5*R*sin(p+w*a))*cos(a)
    y <- (0.5 + 0.5*R*sin(p+w*a))*sin(a)
    return (cbind(x,y))
blue <- '#3F8492' 
red <- '#E57660'
t <- seq(, 2*pi, length.out=100)
plot(c(-1, 1)*M, c(-1, 1)*M, pch='', bty='n')
amp <- 0.2
lines(wave(t,amp,,2), lwd=LWD, col=sprintf('%s%2x', blue, 1.0 * 255))
lines(wave(t,amp,pinc*1,2), lwd=LWD, col=sprintf('%s%2x', red, 1.0 * 255))
lines(wave(t,amp,pinc*2,2), lwd=LWD, col=sprintf('%s%2x', blue, 0.8 * 255))
lines(wave(t,amp,pinc*3,2), lwd=LWD, col=sprintf('%s%2x', red, 0.8 * 255))
lines(wave(t,amp,pinc*4,2), lwd=LWD, col=sprintf('%s%2x', blue, 0.6 * 255))

Created by Pretty R at inside-R.org

Josh made the code above available at github. And here's the logo you get (if you add axes=F to the plot command):

Simple logo in R

That's quite a beautiful and elegant outcome for fewer than 20 lines of code!

github: simple.R (via Josh)