If you haven't sent your loved one a Valentine's Day greeting yet, it's not too late! Thanks to Guillermo Santos who pointed out an R script from Berkeley's Concepts in Computing with Data course, I created the following Valentine's Day card for my husband:

If you want to make one for your loved one, you can use the R code below (which I modified slightly from the original):

# Source: http://statistics.berkeley.edu/classes/s133/heart.r
heart1 = function(name){
  t = seq(,60,len=100)
  x = -.01*(-t^2+40*t+1200)*sin(pi*t/180)
  y = .01*(-t^2+40*t+1200)*cos(pi*t/180)
  lines(x,y, lwd=4)
  lines(-x,y, lwd=4)
  text(,7,"Happy Valentine's Day",col='red',cex=2.5)

I also sent one of these cute science-themed Valentines cards that I bought on Etsy (guess which one).