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On Encrypting Data for Data Breach Prevention

That's a great point, Joseph, encryption is definitely not a silver bullet, although one important aspect of securing data. Security requires a multi-layer approach, with not only additional technical security tools but also at the administrative and physical security level. 

Establishing solid policies and procedures around access and roles can make it clear who needs to use the data and for what - this goes not only for the organization, but also for their cloud service provider. These types of questions should be addressed in the service level agreement/contract with your cloud provider. 

From a technical perspective, other tools such as locating sensitive data on a secure server and limiting access to it remotely from a Virtual Private Network (VPN) via two-factor authentication can add another layer of security by providing double-verification of an individual's identity authenticity. Vulnerability scanning is a tool that checks your firewalls, networks and open ports to detect outdated versions of software that could put you at risk of a data breach.

There are many more ways to protect than encryption, but those are just a few. Visit our blog for more info:

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On HIPAA Violation Penalties Rise in Response to Data Breaches

Online Tech as an organization is HIPAA compliant - this includes our staff, our facilities, our policies and procedures, not just our services/products. Our report is available under NDA. 

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On Cloud Computing Prompts 2012 Data Center Expansion Plans

Agreed, managed cloud hosting offers most companies more flexibility - faster deployment of additional servers means business growth won't be impeded by the inability to support the demand from a computing perspective. 

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On What’s Missing From Most Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery? Network Replication

It does seem like an issue. The only other solution I have is to disable the auto feed, have each user create their own account w/their own names, and then manually submit each post. Seems like the webmaster should add a functionality to change author names, similar to WordPress.

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On What’s Missing From Most Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery? Network Replication

Just wanted to clarify authorship; this is written by Mike Klein, COO of Online Tech.

The Online Tech blog has multiple authors, but is submitted to via one feed.

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On Security in the Cloud: How Are You Protecting Your Enterprise Data?

If you're talking about the public cloud and security, there isn't much to be had, especially with the contract issues with Amazon and Google - they have some interesting contractual agreements over whether or not they can hand your data over to the government if they choose. 

The private, or dedicated cloud is an optimal choice because a) you're not sharing applications or a hosting environment with other tenants and b) you know where your data is located and on what servers. Cloud computing is widely misunderstood when it comes to security since there is such a variety of options that may fit well for some companies and not others.

Our cloud computing wikipedia and cloud computing blog category has more detailed information.

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