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On Converting Data into Decisions

Hi Bill,

I am interested in reading the full study -- is it something you can make available? If not, I'd be interested to know:

1. How many people were surveyed (n=?)

2. Who was surveyed (IT? Business? Region of the world? Job level?)


Erica Driver

QlikTech, Inc.

February 22, 2012    View Comment    

On The Future of Business Intelligence

Barry -- I don't think I was clear. I was talking about how our experiences as consumers drives our expectations of what business software should do for us. I wasn't really talking about analyzing consumer behavior.

June 7, 2011    View Comment    

On The Future of Business Intelligence

Good list of important trends in BI. I would add one additional element to the bullet about the influence of Web 2.0. The empowered consumer is driving the evolution of BI to Business Discovery. Because of web 2.0, people expect to be able to find whatever they need by searching; interact with others via social networking; and use--and participate in the creation of--intuitive analytic apps. What this means for BI is that business users want tools they can use to explore data and follow their own path to insight; ask and answer their own questions; and collaborate with others on decision-making. They want self-service.

Erica Driver, QlikTech

June 7, 2011    View Comment