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On Will Dwinnell: 6 Reasons You Hired the Wrong Data Miner

Dean, if you're going to have regular guest writers we can set you up for posts to pipe through YahooPipes for individual author attribution. For time being, I've accredited Will in the title and at the head of the article.

December 23, 2012    View Comment    

On The Dire Consequences of Analytics Gone Wrong: Ruining Kids’ Futures

I don't understand why you would say "Clearly." It sounds like a perfectly believable story to me, much more believable than a lot of what's been happening in the world lately. And a teachable moment, too.

November 15, 2011    View Comment    

On Oracle Takes Endeca - a War of Acquisition?

Thanks. This has been fixed.

October 20, 2011    View Comment    

On Building an Analytical Portal to Support Analytical Culture

On re-reading the article, I have to agree that the core idea is providing and learning to use tools available in an analytical portal. I have exercised our editorial perogative to modify the title, which is now, "Building an Analytical Portal to Support Analytical Culture"  Grant and Eric, I hope this still serves your intended purpose.


June 23, 2011    View Comment    

On Testing to Sell: Meta’s Crusade for Proof in Web Design

I appreciate your pointing out the need for testing design for true effectiveness, Meta. As the capabilities trickle down to the medium and small business layers, the tools are made more easy to use, but not to comprehend. Amateur analytics can be dangerous.

I'd certainly love to have more people blogging through SDC about the range of practices described by "analytics." I attended sessions at STRATA last month and - as a big data "fan" - I was impressed by the many ways the term was used in different applications. So if you come upon more people who work with and write about practical analytics, send 'em our way.

March 1, 2011    View Comment