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On Social Media Analytics: Performance Measurement Done Right

Dear Philip Thanks for this post and the reference this is really interesting. I am just curious how your system reaches these laudable benchmarks .... for how many languages, English, and ...? I did some benchmarks on several systems and we had a great discussion in our Xing Social Media Monitoring group about this (see link bottom of blog post below): Discussions showed that most systems failed these benchmarks miserably (especially with things such as irony, humor UK vs US, etc.). If yours reaches these benchmarks, I love to see some data and text where you benchmarked. Is that possible? Thanks so much for sharing. Congratulations.
June 29, 2012    View Comment    

On It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, It's Just a Data Scientist.

I find this story very interesting indeed. Nevertheless, the article raises a few questions for me such as: 1 - what context are we talking about (e.g., finance, investment, social media, marketing industry/department-type jobs as data analyst)? 2 - should I worry about data preparation or better about if those people even understand what good research design is made off - we all remember the garbage in garbage out principle 3 - if people do C+ programming as data analyst they are maybe data technicians or statistics/programming technicians but data analysists? Maybe we are confused and this is just a cultural issue but I sure wish this things would have been addressed in the article. It is great to be a consulting to a banker but unless you have been a banker before, do your really know what you are talking about. PS. ..... there is research which is based on sound methodology that then gives us data. The latter empower us to make inferences from our samples and generalize to the population.... we may then be able to draw some conclusions.... but predicting the future can be a risky proposition. And I surely do not believe web analytics are predictive in any way unless with have a representative sample that most organizations or managers are unwilling to pay for.
February 3, 2012    View Comment