Analyzing social data - what do you look for and how do you find it? What is most valuable? How do you separate the noise from the signals? What have been found to be best practices?

Because so much of "new" data sources from social interaction rather than from filling in forms, this presents one of the most interesting, tantalyzing and puzzling challenges to the data analyst.

On December 15 we will publish articles posted and fed to Smart Data Collective and will post links to articles posted on external blogs that address this question: What are the currently recognized best practices for mining value out of social data?

We don't care if these are practices you've discovered yourself or if they are practices someone else has described in a paper or presentation. And we're also interested in hearing about obstacles encountered in making sense of social data. A best practice can include recognition of limitations to interpreting social data.

Share your discoveries and ideas all in one place on one day. Think about it for the next two weeks, then let 'er rip. 

Blogaramas are a monthly event going forward, announced at the beginning of the month.